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il " " Even thesome strong and frieudly hand would onlygive them a lift. Thousands of weak and debilitated men, and women have found Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery the powerful and titnely aid to set them upon the level road of perfect recovery. It creates health by makinj the digestión perfect and the liver-action regular and thorough. It repairs wasted tissue and builds upsolid healthy flesh and muscular power. It is palatable, and digestible by the vveakest stomach. In chronic coughs and lung diseases, it isfar superior to nauseating " emulsions " or mere stimulating malt " extracts." lts goo& effects are real and permanent. For nearly thirty years Dr. R. V. Pierce has been chief consulting physician of the Invalids' Hotel and Surgical Institute, of Buffalo, N. Y., during which time this remarkable "Discovery" has wrought thousands of cures which seemed well - nigh tniraculous. Some of the most interesting of these obstinate cases are fully discribed in one chapter of the great thousand-page illustrated book "The People's Common. Sense Medical Adviser" by R. V. Pierce, M. D., which will be sent free for cost of mailing only; 21 one-cent stamps, or clothbound for 31 stamps. N. Gaddis, Esq., of No. 313 S. J. Street. Tacoraa, Washington, wntes : " I was taken ill in February, 1892, with headache and pain in my back. I cafled m a doctor and he carne three times. He said I was bilious, but I kept getting worse. I took a cough so that I could oaly sleep whca. propped up in bed. My lungs hurt me and I got so poor that I was just skin and bone. I thought I was going to die. I tried a bottle of Doctor' Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery and it did me so much good that I tried another oneand it made me stTong and well. It saved. my life." pÉQt Wool Soap WÍÁ. JSTi IWashes all Woolens -CBÍf -TF W'"1OU' Shrinking. H - r JSL y The best Toilet and WÊ J mw [ ath Soap made. B !__ A M Raworth,Schodde&Co,y WE CARRY A FÜLL LINE OF SOAPS, Laundry and Toilet. STAEBLÏR& CO., 215 S. riain 5t. OLD AND NEW PHONES NO. 141. RH & HAMT1 BAKKRY. GROCER? AND FLOUR AND FEEO STORE, We keep consianüy on hand BREAD, CRACKERS, CAKES, &au For Wlioleatüe or Betail Trade. We shall also keep a supply ot OSBORNE'S GOLD DUST FLOUK J. M. Swift & Oo.' Beat White WTiö Flour, Bye Flotu-, Buokwheat Floor, Oorn Meal, r jed, &c, &c, &t, At Wholesale and Retail. A general stock ot ftBOOETIES AND PE0VISI0N& constantly on hand, which will be sold on as rt:aonable terms as at any other house in the city BP"Cash paid for Butter, Kggs, and Councr Produce generally. lafT-Goods Delivered to any part of the city wlth o it ettra charsre. Rimey & Seabolt AUGUST G. KOCH, DEALEU IN Stapie ai)d Faicy Groceries Fresh Fruits and Vegetables in Season, NEW SAUERKRAUT. Pbone 324 New State. 206 EAST WASHINGTON STREET. piRE INSURANCE. CHRISTIAN MACK, igent tor the followinR Flnl Ola Companle repreaenting over twenty-eierht Miilion Dollar Aaseta, isaaea pollolei at the lowast ratea # mnu of Hartford $9,192,644.W Franklin of Phila 3,118,713,00 (Jermaaia of N. Y 2,700,729.00 American of N. Y. 4,065,968.00 London Assurance, Lond'n 1,416,788.00 Michigan F. Sc M., Detroit 287,608.00 N. Y. IJnderwriters, N. Y. 2,596,679.00 National, Hartford 1 ,774,505.00 Phenix, N.Y 3,759,036.00 arSpectal attentlon glven to the inauranoc o iwellingo, schools, chnrohe and pnbltc hulldiaírr d'irTnt of thrftf n'ï flvfl Teart HARRBALSAM HRÏÏiClèinscs and bcautifie tho tuur. IJS tí'BBl'roiiiitt;8 a Inxuriftiit growttu IR!B=i_H Kever PailB to Besto,r co?o?r KHl Cures scalp diseasoa & hair ialüng.