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Sunday School Convention

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The Annual Convention of the Washtenavv Üounty bunuaj School Association opeDed in the First Baptist Church of Ann Arbor, oti Tuesday, Oct. 25th, at 2:30. Id the absence of the President, Perry F. Tro w bridge, the meetings were presided over by vice president Mr. S. A. Mapes of Chelsea. The attendance was large and muoh interest manifested. After devotional exercises led by Rev. B. L. McElroy, of Ann Arbor. State Secretary M. H. Keynolds, of Ovvosso, gave an ïnstructive talk upon ''Tne Home Department'' oftheSunday School. This is for any wbo for any reason cannot attend the S. S. proper. Li is foryouagorold, high or low, rich or poor, There are hinderneces frora intirnaaties from long distaness to the school and other reasons. There is a field for a Home Departement in e ver y School". A detailed account of the work and needed applices was given. From 3:00 to 4:00 were giv'en several papers. The Superin'tendant and the Teacher by E. P. Goodrich, Ypsilanti; Pusli, Patience and Pr-iyer, Mrs. O. M. Thrasber, Sáleme Needs of our SchooJs, John Smith, Salem; Proper attitude of pupils toward tüe Sunday ücbool, Mrs. J. R. McLaren, Chelsea. Tbrough the papers and tne discussion following tnem, often repeated and urged as needs in all Sunday Schools are personal interest in the pupils, visitation to the homes, grading in schools Í8 strongly recommended, and teachers meetings, invaluable. Mr. Reynolds says to maintain a teachers meeting in the country may require "grit grace and gumption." "We can do what we want to do". Mr. Cantield in stirring words gave an account of "Pittsfleld Union" S. S. "If we get a erop of wheat we work for it. We must work for the S. S." At 4;00 cane a Primary conference consisting of a talk by Mrs. W. W. Wetmore; aclass of little ones taught by Mrs. Stimson. and atalkby Miss Bennett, all of Ann Arbor. Much that wes entertaining and helpfulwas given in this hour. The conference was closed by a short account of the Primary Dept. of the Cong. S. S. of Ypsilanti, by Mrs. B. L. D'Ooge. Tuesday eveningthe meeting opened with i smaller attendance owing to a pouring rain. After Devotional Services, led by Rev. Mr. Batchelner, a beautiful arthem was sung by a chorus of ladies. A telegram was read announcing the unavoidable absence of Rev. Jas. A. Brown, of Ypsilanti, whose paper entitled "Teaching: Thern" was omitted. Secretary Ivj . R. ReynoMs spoke upon S. S. Leakages, causes and cure. Mr. Reynolds also gave an account of State work which was suggestive and instructive. Another fine arthem was sung, "Lift thineeyes to theMountain". The Oonvention is indebted to the chorus for much enjoymeat. Benediction by Rev J. J. Nickerson of Cbelsea. Wednesd&y forenonn there was a goed attendanoe and the full program was given. The following ofHcers werethen elected: President, John K.Camobell. Augusta: Vice Pres. W. E. Scott, Ypsilanti; Field Sec'y, E. E. Calkin, Ann Arbor; Ree. Sec'y. Miss P. A. Noble, Ann Árbor; Treasurer, Clayton J. Deake, Salem ; Executive Com., S. A. Mapes, Chelsea, Howard Bartlett, Saline. Delegates to State CoDvention, J. K. Campbell and E. E. Calkins; Alternates, Clayton Dcake and E. C. Goddarr). The Report of International Convention at London Eng. given by Hon. John K. Campbell was elabórate and entertaining. The progiam for the lastsession was, Devotional Services led by Prof. G. P. Coler. Common Sense treatment of boys, E. S. Gilmore, Ann Arbor: What ought, 1o be the attitude of Parents and teachers toward the S. S. J, G. Webster, Chelsea. After this carne a normal lesson by M. H. Reynolds with black board and charts. Th( 8 3 who missed this suffered a loss indeed. " Those who listened to this able exposition of the Normal word, should aim for a share in this very important branch of the work. From the i-eport of Sec'y. E. E. Calkins we learned that thirteen Township conventions have been held the past year. There are seventy-seven Sunday Schools of Englicb speakinfir peop'e in Washtenaw Co. Fifteen townsliips were reported by offieers. Report of Treas. Mr. C. F. Dake Salem. Total Receipts $110.95. We sh all be able to meet our pledge oí $100 to the State Association this year besides carrying on the work in our own county. Ree. Secy.