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There are 405,400 children in the Sunday schools of the statee. The Ann Arbor high school football team are in the lead for the state championship. A big U. of M. miustrel show is being arranged for. Otto Hans is the kustling rnanager. Ohas. Saner is building an ice house at Dexter for Thos. James and a dwelling for Mrs. Smith. Mrs. Warren B. Stickney has received $8,000 of life insurance on the life of the late W. B. Stickney. The Washtenaw Sunday schools pay $75 a year to the support of the State Sunday School Association. Miss Mabel Benham drew the gold watch at the Chicago shoe store drawing the other evening with ticket No. 1973. The democratie candidato for couuty clerk in Lenawee has asked for a recount in the hope of overtuming by it a raajority of 25 over his opponent. Conrad Lehmau of the 34th Michigan íb slowly recoyering frora his severe illness after several bad relapses. He is now able to be around the house. The jury in the Geiermau murder case in Monroe caused Judge Kinne a hearty laugh by sending him a petition to be allowed to attend a show in a body. The city entered its appearance yesterday afternoon in the $10,000 damage snit brought against it for false imprisonment by Mathew Roser, tof Ypsilanti. Thomas Moore was before Justice Duffy today on the charge of being dronk on the streets and is spending 10 days in jail forlack of money to pay the costs. Evening News : Mrs. Fannie Sedgwick, of Anu Arbor, won her divorce case at Toledo. She -was given possession of her child and an alimony of f 20 per month. W. M. Sturgeon has purchased the interest of J. F. Rinsey in thee Extract Works located at 2 08 E. Huron st. The business will be continued under the name of Bress & Sturgeon. George S. Wheeler was the first of the candidates to file their affldavits of election expenses with the county clerk. His expenses were according to nis affldavit filed this morning $69.64. Michael Reigel was found guilty iu the circuit court of Bay county for embezzlement by retaining the fees on delinquent taxes as a part of his salary. He is well known here. The case will be appealed. The funeral of Mrs. Caroline Huschke who died at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. Broek, of 1609 Jackson ave. , Thursday moming was held froin the house Frikay at 10 a. m. Rev. John Neumann officiating. A large number of the Elk fraternity witnessed the initiation of a large class of candidates last night. The ceremonies of initiation were followed by an informal social session. A. P. Ferguson, one of the founders of the Aun Arbor lodge, was among the visitors. It is said that Toledo parties are spearing flsh on Strawberry and Zukey Lakes and shipping them by the barrel to Toledo for sale. Fourteen boats were on Strawberry Lake at one time a few nights ago. Sportsmen will have to do something to protect' the fish from those vandals. Arthur Van Inwagen, formerly a university student, distinguished for his dudish method of dressing, committed suïcide in the bath room of the Denver, Colo., Athletic Club. The canse of his death is variously ascribed to business depression and to the fact that he had been jilted by a girl. The time for settling the bill of exceptons in the appealed case of Sarah L. Wallace vs. the Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti electric railway has beeu extended to Dec. 10. Mrs. Wallace had a contract with the original motor line for a perpetual pass, which was held good by Judge Kinne. The road appeals. The boys engaged in distributing circulars in this -city, evidently belieye that in quantity there is a blessing, as they of ten leave three aud more of the same circulars at each house. They have even been known for months, to stop at the foundation of a house which had been removed, and faithfully drop their circulars on the silent cellar walls. The prohibition candidates for regents ran ahead of their ticket in this county receiving 230 votes to 177 votes for Judge Cheever, the prohibition candidate for govemor. The republican candidates for regent ran 270 votes behind their ticket. Sutton for instance, received 4,304 votes while the republican candidate for secretary of state received 4,574. Miss Emma E. Bower was a wituess in the celebrated Geierman murder case being called to produce the records of the Ladies of the Maccabees to show that Mi's. Geierman, the murdered woman was insured in that order. The Detroit Evening News spelled her uame Bauer and said: "Mrs. Bauer, dressed in the latest fashion, looked quite distinguished among ' the plain country folk who filled the courtroom. ' ' Ohristian Hornnng, an employee of Heusel Bros. , and Miss Caroline Seyfried, both of this city, were united in marriage last evening at the home of the bride's sister, Mrs. D. Wild, on Second st. Pastor Nioklas, of Zion's Lutherau church, performed the ceremony. An elegant supper was served to the large gathering of friends'present. Mr. and Mrs. Homung were the happy recipients of many valuable wedding gfits. : ■ - - - - _ The secretary of agriculture yesterday issued an order establishing a erop aud cliinate service iu the island of Porto Rico with headquarters at Sau Juan and appointed Prof. Mark W. Harringtou at the head of it. Jacksou Herald: Some unknown persou is swelling around iu the fivedollar gospel heimet, belonging to the M. E. presiding eider of the Aun Arbor district. The good man attended a business meeting in Fairfield and hting his golgotha ou a hook, whence it was "hooked" and a cheap, out-of;plnmb affair left in its place. Several prominent persons are snspected, but the Press knows 'ein and says they can prove an alibi, as they never go to church. From Snturday'.s Daily Argus. Sergt. Wm. Gates aud private Ed. Ross, of Co. A, have been discharged. Fred Schleioher is shipping the erop from his Pittsfield onion farm to Detroit. A new stone walk is being' lairt around and inside the Sixth ward school grouuds. Prof. J. B, Steere is shipping celery from his celery farm to Washington, D. C. , and to Canadian points. Alderman Brown is in danger of losing his reputation for publc spirit. It is a week since he has commenced the erection of a new house. It is now reported that the proposition for a revisión of the state constitntion has been defeated, the farmers voting heavily against it. The next work of the city engineers' office will be the making of the surveys for the pavement on Wasihngton st. between Pifth and Ashley sts. Pi-of. M. E. Cooley will have an article in the next number of the Michgan Alumnus on "A Naval Engagement from an Engineer's Standpoint. " W. J. Gregf. ex-county clerk of Calhouu county und later owner of the Marshall Statesman has purchased a half interest in the Ypsilanti cial. Albert O. de Long, a flrst year sta deut iu the engineering departnient had au $18 case of drawing instrument stolen from his drawer in the drawing room. An informal banquet was held a Maccabee hall last evening and some good speeches were made. A committee was appointed to arrange a literary pro gram for a mouthly social. Mrs. Charles Bell, of Dexter town ship, has made complaint against her husband for assanlt and battery on Oct. 27. She charges that he knocked her down and thrashed her with a horsewhip. When Agent Hayes of the Michigan Central, Agent Gilmore of the Ann Arbor and Agent Mullison of the D. , Y. & A. A. forni a passenger agents association it will nndoubtedly be called a tripartite agreement. The university library has received the medical library of Dr. Elizabeth H. Bates, who willed the university $140,000. The university knew nothing of the gift of the library nntil it was received. It contains some rare and valuable books. Prof. Chute of the high school is flaPPy over a new microscopio attachment to the electric lantern belonging to his department. lts power is sufflcieut to cause a hair to appear as large around as a flour barrel. It cost $100 and is a vahialbe piece of apparatus in illustrating the work of the professor's department Threo university professors went hunting tliis morning. Shortly after they passed, a hunting jacket was picked up ou Washtenaw ave. , the pockets of which were fu.ll of cartridges and a dog whistle. The , jacket was safely deposited in barber shop and the wild game probably rejoiced at the professors shortage in ammuiiition. A U. of M. Minstrel Olub was organized last night by Tö sfrudents, who elected O. H. Hans, of South Bend, Ind. , manager ; E. R. de Pont, of this city, stage manager; Louis Elbel, of South Beud, Iud. , musical director. A big minstrel entertainment is being planned for Pebrnary in which the U. of M. Band and Glee Club will take a prominent part. M. C. Peterson has made up his mind that J. L. Farrell, who wrote to the prosecuting attoruey from Ohio, confessing to a mysterious crime of murder uear this city some 12 years ago, is a fake. No oue here lcnows what crime Farrell refeiTed to and Peterson wrote him eudeavomg to get some partieulars. Mr. Peterson's letter was return - ed to him uuopenedj niarked by. the post office "unclainied. " Adrián Press: Mr. Going is proprietor of a shoe store in Pontiac. His perfect participle, Mr. Gawne, is United States express agent at Adrián. Gawue is always going and Going is frequently gone. Gawne has never been Going however that we know of and Going would like to be Gawne if he could have liis job. If Mr. Went of Raisin were on the go he might be goiug or he might be gone but he's Went just the same. Christian F. Hauser whose death was noted in Thursday's Argus was a lieutenant in an artillery regiment of the Wurteinberg army. He and his brother at oue time ran a brewery here where the city milis are now located. He sold out and took a draft for $4,500 on a Detroit bank and started for Philadelphia. During the time that he held the draft the bank in Detroit failed and he lost his money. He was afterwards bookkeeper for John Frey, who ran the Northern brewery and for Heiuzman & Sou.