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M ACK'S CLOAK mm DEPARTMENT tls the Most Popular Spot in Washtenaw Couiity It presents attractions in Ladies' Ollter Wraps, exceeding in variety, in beauty of design, material and make and above all in the Saving of Expenditure not possible to find anywhere else in Michigan. This week we offer 350 Ladies' Sample Jackets and Capes 350 Representing 350 Different Styles of Garments- the entire production of five of New York's most Fashionahlc makers - AT 13 LESS ACTUAL VALÜE -7 Ladies' Jackets and Capes, m ,_ _ r Ladies' Jackets and Capes, - _. _ I O onf 8t?le of a kmd' made to Jj L■% t O one of a kind, all worth $12, CD O Tele '00' PríCed CDO. I O willkeepns busy while fS( ( JÍ J T FT Ladies' Jackets and Capes, no two alike, all colors, all of N V f wi f 3 tlie latest accepted styles, strictly $15.00 garments, your III II 1 v choice at , . . . . , ■ Tl III II I %SW FT Ladies' Jackets and Capes, everyone of different cut, priced mm f jrjy l ) everywhere $16.50, $18.00 and $20.00, your choice at this J ■ J K% 1 Í L Jifr i2l salefor Q) ..CjV f m O pT Ladies' Jackets and Capes, copies of imported iuodels bronght to this county at great expense lo M j CD vJ to the manufacturers - Finest of Kerseys, in all shades, Richest Velvets, Velours and Plushes jfa I i garments made to sell from $25.00 to $75.00, d "IV ....ALL AT FROM y3 TO J4 PRICE I CJüP LULOO UUVU0 UNDERWEAR In our Dress Goods Department Wi_rfc_i-nWW ËmmÉTX rt Ladies' Jersey Ribbed Vests and Pants 2rC y ou will fïnd the Best Sty les !esi Jersey ,ests now ■ '■' '■ '■'■ '■ '■ '. 33c ■J J Ladies' Jersey Fleeced Vests 50c, now 4OC 1 t Ladies' Merino Pants 50c, now 2-c ana JUineS. Ladies' Fine Wool Pants, white, Si, now 7-c Ladies' Natural Wool Pants, small sizes, Si, now ' 66c Achoice line of Black Crepons, worth lr.25, at 90c yd. Ladies Fine Jersey Fleeced Union Suits ..." 5OC A choice line of Dress Patterns, in all shades and quality, at ' !Ot ?f Children's Vests and Pants. odd y} off Si 2t 1 and Si co vd Chlldrrn s Jersey Vests sma11 Slzes, 20c, now I4C ; ............................ ..i .25, 1.35 and S1.50 yd. Misses jersey Vests, white, 25c, now A choice line of Prunella and Whipcord Weaves, in all shades, at $1.25 Children's Heavy Fleeced Union Suits , A choice line of Whipcords and Poplins at. Si. 00 __________________________ 46-inch All Wool Cheviots, in all shades, at 70c yd. - _ 25 pieces of so-inch All Wool Plain and figured Goods, in all shades, _ _rt _, X B never sold for less than gi.oo, marked down to 85c U f O f I ïl f] Y T IT1 Uil i ""T KW our 50c Novelties marked to 39c 1 il S f JKj ( IglH All our 35c and 30c goods to 22c yd. ■■VUW W0 W l U I tllBUIIl A choice line of New Plaids at 80c and Si. 00 T i,. T 1 -d c ■ T , r„, .,...,-.„.., , 1 lot Ladies' Roman Stnpe Lisie Thread Hose A7C A choice hne of New Plaids at ,. 15c and 25c Ladies' Plaid Lisie Thread Hose ' __ Ladies' Drop Stitch Fancy Top Lisie Thread Hose' ........ '. ....'.'. 40c Ladies' Drop Stitch Fancy Hose striped to the toe 4oc Ml- Kil -N cU Ladies' Fancy Striped Hose ' 2 ,c UM'C Jöfe Misses' Fancy Striped Hose ... ; 2c QIN O Misses' Red Lisie Hose fc ' Infants' All Wool Hose, black " ' óc ______ _-__.-___ ,---._ ,__-. Infants' Fine Cash Hose Tc FPAR IP JnfanfsPlainCashHose rSc í for 25c ___r ni! IVI IM Infants' Fine Ribbed Cash Hose, silk heel and toe, blue, pink white, russet, white and black 21-c -n ,1 ,■ Infants' Whita Mittens, silk and wool 2KC Ve especially cali your attention to our Infants White Wool Mjtt„s .....[['.'.[['.['.['.Y , Infants' Red and Blue Wool Mitts 2rC Great Values in Fine Unlaundered Infants' Black Wo' '"■ '■'■'■ '■'■ '■'■'■'■ '.'.'.'.'. '.'.'.'.'.'.'. iOC ...shirts... Notinn mmm Pure Wamsutta Cotton, reinforced all over, in fact the best value for 50c -L J % -_. J M M. VY in the market. Men's and Boys' Overalls..... 25c, 35c, 5c "") P P A R" " IWI F M Vorking Shirts, the "Great Buckskin" shirt, a regular 50c shirt, ■■■■!- _-l #1 1 1 fl IV! _____ I I guaranteed in every respect 2c C II I V L We are still selling our underwear at almost nothing. Don't miss an illll L1Í1C AÏT13S vJOOQS. opportunity to get a suit of good cotton underwear for 32c PureWool -. . . .S1.18 suit Jewet5y' Perfumes, Medallion Pictores, Belt Buckles, Metal Belts A Fine % Cotton and Wool ]A Hose Kc T , uIses' Chatelain Bags and Ladies' Fancy Silk Umbrelias. „ w , . -, . ■ , TT ISC Toilet Soaps cheapest in the city. Best Heavy Wool and Cashmere J Hose 2$c Good assortment School Tablets 25c Bo. Writing Paper i9c. - - -