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J. R. Cartón, of Flint, is aaid to be in the lead for speaker of the next lonse. Warden Chamberlain, of the Jackson penitentiary, ia maintaining a most commendable silence under the circumstances. Gov. Pingree has warned President McKinley that outside interference in Michigan affairs is one of those jobs which is better left undone. Ex-Senator Bill Jibb, of the MonroeLenawee district would act as sergeantat-arms or do most any old thing to get back to the old scènes next winter. The first round in the Dean-Sntton sparring match for that seat on the board of regents is likely to be called before the Burrows-Pack flght to a finish is pulled off. Elmer E. Stanton, of Grand Rapids, who served in the capacity of clerk of a senate comrnittee at the last session thinks he would make a pretty good secretary for the upper house next winter. It is rumored that the Rev. Washington Gardner made a deal with the union printers of his district a few hours before election which netted him a nice vote and the Robert Smith printing company, of Lansing, which has been having trouble with the union is not certain that the price of this support will not be deducted from the very lucrative business which it has been enjoying through the kindness of Bro. Gardner.