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There are about 30 students taking astronomy at present. Wm. Rehfuss has opened a new meat market on E. Huron st. William A. Murray filed his oath of office and bond with the county clerk today. ArbaWilson, of Co. A, 31st Michigan has been sent home from Knoxville on j sick ftirlough. The U. of M. football team has scored 204 points this year while 17 points have been scored against it. Eight young men from Chelsea broke up a dance at Lima Center Monday night by their ungentlemanly conduct. Edmond P. Conde, private of Co. A, who has been at home on sick furlough, reached Knoxvjlle Safcnrday to rejoin nis regiment. Surgeon Owen, of the 31st Michigan, who is ill with inflammatory rheumatism, has been removed) to the división hospital at Fort Meyer, Va. Prof. A. C. McLaughlin was elected secretary of the Michigan Political Science Association afits Albion meeting and Dr. C. H. Cooley, treasurer. The regular meeting of the W. O. T. U. will occur on Friday Nov. 2, at 3 o'clock in the rooms over the post office. All are cordially invitad to come and hear the report from the eounty convention. The Courier office has been awarded the contract for printing the university calendar and announcements for the next two years. This is a big contract and will give that office quite a little work to do. One man was nearly buried in the torm sewer the city is building on Second st. , near W. Jeff erson st. , the other day. As the city is doing this work itself , it would become liable in case of accident. A petition asking for the paving of ïuron st. with asphalt from Ashley to State sts. , is being circulated. Thus 'ar not a single property holder has re'used to sign it. The heaviest taxpayer, on each side have already endorsed it. Hascall Laraway, a prominent and highly esteemed farmer of Northfield died last night suddenly of rheumatism of the heart, aged 7(5 years. His wife woke up during the night to find that ie was not in the room and fonnd him on the floor of the kitchen. Dr. Guy Laraway, his son, was summoned and found him still living, but he expired shottly afterward. Prof. J. C. Russell testified in the snit at Lansing brought by Dr. Kost, of Adrián, against the Lake Shore railroad for $7,000 damagea owing to the breakage of the bonea of a mastodon in shipment. When Prof. Russell unfolded a chart of a mastodon skeleton, the whole court room including judge, jury, attorneys and spectators rose to their feet to see and hear, so greatly interested were they in the testimony. At the meeting of the Detroit Presbytery Rev. Mr. Macbeth declared that the Milan church was in need of aid. There are five churches there, with a population of 1300. His church has a membership of 35 and while Sunday's audience was a big one it numbered about 1-3 people. He tried to secure a f200 approprintion bnt it will come up later. Rev. Mi-. Macbeth left an $800 pastorate to accept the Milan charge at 305. The case of Mary J. Tubbs vs. Hannah Higgins before Justice Duffy yesterday afternoon resulted in a verdict of no cause of action. It will be remembered that the plaintiff's claim was for 155.57 unpaid freight and cartage bilis running from 1879. The defendant put in a couuter claim of $113 which had been running since 1880 and in the bill allowed $22 for freight and hauling in some salt for which the plaintiff had made no claim. The jury was out three-quarters of an hour and from its verdict evidently thought it equitable for the parties to jump accounts. I A handicap social will be given by the Epworth League in the M. E. church parlors Friday evening. Burglars entered the residence of Charles Cooper, at Ypsilanti, Sunday evening, and stole a pocket book containing 40. Norton Ladue has offered to settle with his 34 creditors to whom he owes $4,000 for 10c on the dollar or 25 cents on the dollar if notes for a year are taken. G. Adolph Krause, of Grand Rapids, formerly of this city, was chairman of the building committee of Trinity Engglish Lutheran church, dedicated in Grand Rapids Sunday. Richard Jolly and James S. Skinner are having trouble over one of Skinners' signs which hangs out f rom. a building that Jolly has rented. Jolly sued Skinner today in Justice Duffy's court for $100 damages. The defendant demurs that the declaration has not located the trespass sufliciently and the case is set for Monday. The Michigan Central excursión ;rains to Chicago next Wednesday will 3e model trains, consisting of sonie of ;he best of the fineday coaches which lave sustained the excellent reputation of the road for ease and comfort, smoking cars, chair cars with dining and unch cars. Those who have been in hese cars know that in them travelling is a pleasure especially over a road which has the reputation of possessing :he smoothest roadbed iu the United States. Rev. J. M. Gelston presided as moderator over the 60 Presbyterian ministers who met in Detroit yesterday. Rev. Wm. C. Macbeth was recognized as stated supply of the Milan Presbyterian church. Rev. Wm. E. Culver will be installed as pastor of the Stony Creek church about Jan. 1 , on which occasion Rev. J. M. Gelston will act as moderator, Rev. E. P. Goodrich will preach the installation sermon, Rev. R. H. Wharton will give the charge to the pastor and Rev. David Howell the charge to the people. A good sized audience greeted the appearance of the Peake sister at Harris hall last evening. The entertainment was given for the benefit of the Ladies' Aid Society of St. Andrew's church and was an exceedingly laughable one. The Peake sisters all Local talent by the way, were dressed in outlandish costumes with high peaked hats. Mrs. Brown represented the chaperone who was showing off the 13 sisters all of whom did their best to amuse the audience by singing such songs as "Old Mother Hubbard. " "I saw Esau" "Peek a Boo" "Last Rose of Summer" "Lucy Kissed her Pa" "Grandfather's Clock" and "Father, dear Father, Come home with me now" the last song being acted our by Arminty the deaf mute sister. The audience were well entertained. Mr. Lake gave a recitation. From Wednesday's Daily Argu. The Saline Presbyterian chnrch wil be dedicated nexx Satorday. The students directory is all in type and will be issned in a few days. A marriage license was issned today for Charles DeFries and Miss Clara Bross. Mrs. Catherine Andrus, of Scio, is moving intö her new house on N. Main st., which she has just flnished and furnished. The sonorons basso-profundo of Maj or Sid W. Millard will ring out clear and storng. above the milder tones of all other rooters at Chicago tomorrow Cards have been received in this city announcing the birth of a son, Oct. 26 to Mr. and Mrs. R. Irvine Howett, o San Francisco'. Mrs. Howett was Mis Lois Hall, daughter of Rev. Wylly Hall. Fritz Kainm, a Y. M. C. A. man from Owosso, and a member of Co. G 38d regiment, will speak at the city Y M. C. A. meeting Sunday, Nov. 87 2 :45 p. m. Mr. Kamm was the talles man in his regiment that went to Santiago, Cuba, standing 6 feet ( inches in his stockings. The subject of his talk will be " A soldier at the. front.' No one should fail to hear him. A cordial invitation is given to all for mer soldiers and those who are hom on furlough. Special music will be furnished by the Congregationa Orchestra. The city schools close this afternoon 'or the we and will open again on kionday. The tinion Thanksigving service will e held tomorrow in the M. E. church, iev. J. W. Bradshaw preaching the ermon. The U. of M. Daily doublé souvenir umber today was printed in yellow and blue and was a good one. The ditors of that publication now take a est until nert Monday. The new city, village and county diectory, which City Clerk Mills has ow in preparation, will greatly exeed anything of the kind heretofore ttempted this county. There are only two life convicts in ie Jackson prison from Washtenaw ounty, viz : J. C. Hand, sentenced an. 11, 1894, for murder, and Robert McOart, sentenced May 5,-1897, for ape. There are 101 life convicts in the rison. Mr. Ohurch met Mr. Steeple at the orner of Hurón and Main sts. last ight. While the two gentlemen were alking they were joined by Mr. Bell when a bystander suggested that i't was ;ime to ring off. Adrián Press and ackson Herald please copy. Florence Morley, who was arrested or being a woman of the town, has paid the fine and costs, amounting to f 11. 45 and was released last evening to go home to Ypsilanti with her mother with the understanding that an effort was to be made to reform. Albert H. Hanson died at his home in Milan today, aged 70 years. He was bom in New York in 1828 and in 1882 he came to Michigan with his parents, ! settling where the village of Milan now stands. At that time there were no houses within one mila of what is now the village of Milan. The Mt. Holyoke Seminary has received donations amountng to $100,000 during the past year, half of which is to go for the erection of dormitories. ! During the past two years six buildings have been erected. Miss Anna May Soule, of this city, is professor of Political Science at this well known female college. Saline Lodge, No. 133, F. & A. M., last evening, elected the following officers: W. M., W. N. Lister; S. W., L. M. Thorn; J. W., G. W. Harris; secretary, C. L. Howe ; treasurer, A. C. Clark; S. D., A. J. Warren; J.JD., E. A. Hauser; stewards, Henry Lindmischmitt and G. M. Rouse; tyler, W. J. Jackson. The marriage of William Andrés, of Scio, to Miss Vogel, daughter of the late Louis Vogel, occurs at 3 o'clock tomorrow afternoon. At 6 o'clock Michael F. Finkbeiner and Miss Flora Schumacher will be married in this city. As a number of relatives desire to attend both weddings it will take some ïustling to do so, Rev. W. L. Tedrow will lead the men 's meeting at the Y. M. C. A. this evening at 8 o'clock. His subject will )e "Like Ohrist in His separation from he Wörld. ' ' Tomoirow evening Rev. ?. W. Young will have charge and his opic will be "Like Christ in His rotherly love. " All men are invited o attend these meetings. Postmaster Pond was notified last vening that his money order reserve, which he is allowed to keep on hand had been increased from f500 to $1,000 and that the amount kept on deposit in !iew York subject to his draft for money order purposes had been increased from 15,000 to $7,500. This is another evilence of the increased business of the Ann Arbor post office. The students of Alma College, indulged in a small sized riot the other day in which the janitor was badly damaged. As this is a denominational college the ministers will have nothing to say about it at their church conventions. Had it been a state institution, however, it would have been heralded broadcast throughout the land to show how wicked the students were who were trained outside of the denominations. A prominent business man of Ypsilanti came up to Ann Arbor yesterday, as Ypsilantians frequentïy do, to get some money. Having secured $1,200 of the coveted root of evil, he placed it in a large envelope, went into a barber shop, laid his package on the cigar case, secured a smooth Ann Arbor shave and such information as the tonsorial artist had on tap, put on his overcoat and went his way rejoicing. After about 15 minutes he happened to remember that little package of bilis and his speed exceeded that of a Mauser bullet on the return trip to that barber shop, where he found his money intact.