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L. L. James' Going Out Of Business Prices

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are a PLEASANT SURPRISE to hundreds of people who are compelled to buy clothing! # # # l. L. James' Going Out of Business Prices are an UNPLEASANT SURPRISE to the profit grabbing clothing merchants of Ann Arbor and vicinity! This is the clothing man's harvest ! Now is the time of year he makes the profits to carry him through the after=Christmas dullness. Is it any wonder he is astonished and dismayed at the great sacrifice in profits caused by L. L. James' Great Sale ? We know that some are averse to buying anything at a sale. They have been FAKED too many times and are afraid. Of this class we ask "Who are you going to trust, the salesman or your own eyes ? " All we ask is an impartial compjarison of values. If our prices are not as we say, from 25 to 50 per cent below any other, we won 't expect you to buy.