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Without Knowing It

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It is not often that a candidato for office fiuds bis name on a ticket on election day without previous knowledge that it was to be placed there. fhe unexpected lias happeued in Washtenaw and Dorsey Hoppe, who was elected county surveyor on the democratie ticket, is the candidate who had honors thrust upou him. He saw iu the papers that someone by the name of Hoppe was on the ticket but as the Christian name there given was not Dorsey, he supposed that thère was another Hoppe in the county, not of his icquaintance, who was coming into political prominence and so paid no more attention to it, He is a student in the law department and for some reason found himself unable to go to his home in Sylvan to vote. Late on election day he was apprised of the fact that he was a candidate for county surveyor. It was then too late for him to do anything in the way of making a canvas. His friends, however, in Sylavn, caught on, when they saw the trick, and he received the votes of 21 j republicans there. His majority was 62. It was a close shave and Hoppe is naturally congratulating himself on his escape from being beaten when he didn't know he was running. The arduous duties of the office, however, will not weigh heavily upon liim and he will continue his legal education while waiting for business to open up. Some men are born great and some have greatness tlirust upon them even if it comes in the shape of a county surveyorship.