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STOMACH TROUBLE. Indigestión - Dyspepsia. Medical Science Has Produced a Cure at Last. The iucreasing prevalence of dyspepsia. has been a matter of the gravest concern to the medical profession, and for years leading scient.ists have been experiinenting to prodnce a remedy. Constant effort in this direction has introduced many preparations which barely afford temporary relief to sufferers. It remained for Prof. Dráke, a chemist of many years' experience, to prodnce a treatment which has proved to be a positive cure for the disease in all of its nianifold forms, which is known as Drake's Dyspepsia Cure and Nerve Restorer. In order to obvíate a common disadvantage to sufferers - that of buying medicine which has lain perhaps for years in drug stores as must necessarily be the case where all druggists handle the same article - the manufacturers are placing Drake's Dyspepsia and Nerve Restorer with a limited number of druggists, consequently you are sure to always receive the treatment fresh, although being put up in tablets and tightly sealed boxes, it will retain its freshness longer than in any other form. If yon are troubled with indigestión, sour stomach, acid formation, water brash, headache, sleeplessness, or any form of nervous dyspepsia, cali at H. J. Brown's or E. E. Calkins', leading drnggists of Ann Arbor, and ask for Drake's Dyspepsia Cure and Nerve Restorer. A book on Stomach" and Nerve troubles, their symptoms and cure, given free for the asking at the above mentioned stores.