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Washtenaw has two favorite sous, both of whom she would like to see honored in the republican state convention next spring. Judge Kinne if nominated f or the supreme bench would carry Washtenaw by 2,500. Regent Dean wonld also poll a heavy vote, though ho would probably be cut some by the sheriff 's friends. Hubbard, of the Detroit Eevning News was in town over Sunday and his paper this afternoon eontains the following dispatch: "Regent H. S. Dean wi 11 fight to a finish for his seat as regent. The next meeting of the "board will be held in about three weeks and Col. Dean's attorneys map out their program as follows: Col. Eli R. Sutton is expected to appear at the meeting with a certifícate of election. While the board is not u judge of its own membership, it can decide to recognize no one else so long as the present member claims his seat. This will compel Col. Sutton to go to the courts and will place Dean on the defensive. "The regency fight may affectjjudge E. D. Kinne's candidacy for supreme judge. Dean will be a candidate for regent in the coming conventin. Kinne will be i candidate for the supreme bench. Local politicians on both sides admit that Washtenaw cannot secure two nominations from the same state convention. Kinne is a Pingreeire. while Dean is an anti and they will fight for the county delegation. " Just at present it is a game of bluff. Dean declines to talk, but his chief lieutenant said; "We sent word to Kinne that there could not be two candidatos from Washtenaw and that Dean wonld be one sure. After some talk Kinne said he would not be a caudidate. " Sheirff Judson, is, of course, the power behind Kinne's political throne. He said last night: "You can just bet every cent you've got that Kinne is going to be a candidate, and that he's going to have every delégate from this county. I don 't know anything about Dean, but Kinne is going to have this delegation. ' ' "Is he the Pingree candidate?" "You bet he is." "How about Maynard;?" "Oh, I don't know, but I'm not for Maynaxd, and don't believe the governor is, er, er - I don't know,though. " Regent Dean will go into the fight with a large aniouut of Pingree support in spite of the sheriff 's opposition, for Washtenaw people do not like to see the board of regents so largely made up of Detroit men and feel that Ann Arbor ought to have at least one regent for her pet institution.