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I Have a Scheme. I am advertising in several different mediums. I desire to know wüich one Lives me the best return for my money. I am willing to PAY for this information. Therefore, I will give to the persons bringing this ad. fromthe Argus-Democrat to the store 10 Per Cent dn any purchase they may make during the Month of November We sell the BEST GOODS at the LOWEST PRICES aud return your monej if goods are not as represen ted SALISBURY, DRUGS AND OPTICAL GOODS, Cook House Block, Huron St: SMOKE Why use Oil that smokes your lamp chimneys and filis your house wit h a suffocating odor? "RED STAR OIL" Gives a white light. Does not char the wiek, eniits no odor or smoke when burning. Sold at . . 10 ets. per Gallon. This Oil can be obtained in Ann Arbor ONLY at one place, no matter what statements may be made foy other dealers or vendors to the contrary. DEAN & CO., 44 S. Main St. (Old IWerj Enoch Dieterle, Funeral Director. No. 116 E. Liberty St. Hesidenee, 533 S. 4th Ave. Phonel29. ANN ARBOR. MICH When . . . THE RACKET Gets a BARGAIN It Always GIVES A BARGAIN Shoe tapping lasts and stand 25c Warranted Alarm Clocks 75c, Fancy Enameled Ones $1.00. Gents' All Wool Underwear 65c. Part Wool, good and warm, 22c. One Pound Writiug Paper Unruled 10c. Letter Files 24c. 25 Enyelopes 2c. Genuine Bromley, Raine and DeweyRugs $2.49. Windew Shades 8c, roller and all. Half Pound Real Copper Rivets 13c. Thermometers 10c. Single Flower Pot Brackets 10c and 15e.; Doublé, ior two pots, 18c. Door Lócks 10c. Knobs, white, oc. Cockeyes4c. Hanae clips 3c. Axes45c. Globes 5c. Files ■ all sizes; and we don'E care who it is, we discount them all in PRICE and not only that we sell a better file. Who sells you a ten inch file made by the Nichoison File Co. for 10c, or an ■ eight inch one for 7c'i This is bringing hardware down to popular prices. Potato Digging Forks, four beveled flat tines, 59c - real Geneva goods, not to be compared with states prisou goods. Clout Nails 8c per pound. Frenen Imported T. M. shoe polish 5c. Table Oilcloth 12c per yard. 6x9 Ingrain Art Squares, all in one piece, $4.49; 9x9 square $3.49; 6x9, $2.49. Smyrna Rugs, beauties, 30x60, $1.30. Hit or Miss Rugs $1 .00. Ladies' fleeced .Underwear of various kinds at Racket prices. Ladies' Knit All Wool Mittens 5e. Doublé Mittens 45c. Infants' Mittens 15c. Men's Knit Gloves 35c. Men's Mittens 25c. Men's Heavy Doublé Mittens 50c. All' of the above are all wool. Mule Skin Working Gloves 2-5c. THE RACKET will be right in it for Christmas Goods. Make a mental note of it now. The Racket 202 E. Washington St.