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High Terms Of Praise

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Maj. LaGarde, who was iu charge o: the Siboney división hospital in Cuba iu his report to the surgeon-general pays the following high compliment to two of Aun Arbor's soldiw physioiaus "Iu closiug my report of the event which have conuected me with the re serve divisional hospital of the Fifth corps, it is fitting that I shonld testify to the heroic deeds andfaithful service of some of the officers. Maj. Víctor C Vaughau, surgeou, U. S. V., professoi of hygiëne at the University oftMichi gau, did good work iu the operatiug room, and later his suggestious and advice pertaining to sanitary matters were of great valne. He contiutied on chity uutil July 12, when he was strickeu with yellow fever. "Maj. O. B. Nanerede, chief surgcou of división, U. S. V., professor of suvgery iu the Uuiversity of Michiagn, was naturally a prominent figure in the operating room. His advice was sought on every side in cases requiring the opiuiou of au expert surgeou. He and Maj. Vaughan brought us our first cases f rom the eugagement at Aguadores bridge, where they were subjected to a sharp fire froni the Spanish batteries. Men of promineuce like these who would abaudou their interests in civil life through patriotic motives to engage in the hazards of war without stint, deserve richly the thanks of their countrymen, and I am pleased to be able to cali the attention of the war department to their conduct in this instauce. ' ' Maj. LaGarde also refers in the body of his report to "Maj. Nancrede's im portaut work. ' '