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Ninde Goes Free

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Tilomas Ninde, of Ypsilanti, who iu a fit of jealous frenzy shot a waitress at the Hawkins honse, Ypsilanti, because she was about to go homo withont giving auy encouragement to his snit for her hand, will probably go free of punishrnent. Arthnr Brown, actiug prosecuting attomey Weduesday asked permission of the court to nolle prosequi the case on the gronncl that he did not believe a convictioii could be had as the complainiug witness refases to prosecute aud his discharge is requested by a large uuruber of business men in Ypsilanti. Jttdge Claiidius B. Grant, of the snpremè court, gives a lecture next Sunday evening on "Students and the Law," in Newberry hall under the auspices of the anti-saloon society.