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Wonderful Cloak Selling

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,dÊÈ& For December pf Jackets and Capes for Ladies. dEjÉg WÈk Re8fers and Jackets for Misses and Children. J1Í j Buying Cloaks by the hundred means ÉKmHB more {han money-saving to our customÊj&f ers. It means the greatest in variety v" i J& BbAtI and the best in fashion. 300 Sample GarK ':- Hpy raents from M. T. Silver & Co. and H. SpF Black & Co. at about 50c on the dollar. These firms stand in the front rank of Cloak il & Manufacturers. Every one of these garV,íá yí -Ws ments made within the past month. Don't rv" think of buying a Jacket, Plush or Cloth Cape, Misses' or Children's Reefer or jacket until you see our W2NDERFUL QLSIK BJRQdlNS. PSuch Cnr(C Ful1 Size and Sweep, Extra Quality riUÖIl WdpC2 piush, Beaded, Jetted and Fur Trimmed, Splendidly Lined and Finished, a $10 Cape for .$5,3.5 Qill illp 3o yards Fancy Novelty Silks cut into Waist JIIIV OaiC Patterns of 4 yards each, the $1.00 quality for $2.98 a pattern. Cnlín rPfffC Hundreds sold during the past 1 UI VUlldlCUC month. We show the Largest Assortment in Ann Arbor and make the Lowest Prices. 25 Dozen Eiderdown Dressing Sacques, Ree, Pink, Blue and Grey, at 89 QTL, Flannelette Nightgowns A Big Selection of Ladies' Nightgowns, made very fall in heavy good qualityFlannelette, at 50C and 75Q.T SCHAIRER & MILLEN The Busy Store.