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The y car 1898 will be written dowu in h...

The y car 1898 will be written dowu in h... image
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The y car 1898 will be written dowu in history as one unusually full of marine disasters. ' The November apportionnient of primair school money to the districts of Michigan was $700,000. At least one good poiiit eau be advaiiced in favor of territorial expansión. It dowus the theory of protection. If the republioan party don 't hang iteelf with settlement with Spain it yrïll have unliniited rope left iu the matter of enrrency reform. Af ter mature deliberation, secretary of state-eleot Stearns has decided not tó make a clean sweep. He will let two or three of the oíd forcé iu the state departmeut stay just for luck. By the time his brother offleers aud the war correspondents get through with Geu. Shafter the color will be pretty well washed out of his hero business. It was fortúnate for the general that he made the most of the gnshiug hero worship while it lasted. It took 12 men seven days to determine that Dr. John Kost's mastodou bones were worth $125. As Dr. Kost sued the Lake Shore railroad company for 20,000 for damaging the boue she will feel that that jury is not particulaiiy devoted to scientific research. A very desultory reading of the republicau press is suffleient to convince one that the republican editorial wnter is haviug some difficnlty to teil just wiere he:s at at the present junctuxe, all of which is singularly soothing to his democratie brethren. In case the senate refuses to ratify the treaty with Spain those who favor the treaty will begin to talk about the "American house of Lords" while those nrho are opposeed to it will insist that the senate has saved the country. The view one takes of a governing body matters very much whose toes are tread Tipon. The extent of our uew possegsions, Cnba, Porto Rico, Hawaii, the PhillijjfoeBj the Salas and the Carolines is in iound numbers Í71,0ÓOsqtiare ral les or a little over three times the area of Jpchigan, The populación of this territoïy httmberg aboflt 10,000,000. Ifearly 00 per cent of this popalation is colored or oriental. The Argns is pleased to note the fact that the Aun Arbor public schools are awakeniug from their Rip Van Wiukle sleep and tliat the lower grades are being supplied with snpplementary reading matter, most valuable auxiliary with whicb the schools iu other cities of like grades have long been supplied. Better late, however. than never. May the good work go on. Before the outbreak of hostilities with Spain we heard a great deal of starving Cubans. Since the white ■winged dove of peace has agaüi settled down officially betwecn the tvo couniries the starving Cuban again secures a prominent position in the public eye. It inight be pertinent to inquiro what ocenpied the attention of the starving Cuban daring the interval of war. The world do move and new principies are being daily intröduced iuto civil affairs. Gov. Tanner, of Illinois, has been iudicted by a grand jury f or neglect of official duty and the city or Ann Arbor is threatened with suit fof the over zealous work of its peace officers. In the olden time governors were impeached by legislatures for neglect of duty and [municipal coporations were not held responsible for acts of its servante in excess of their anthority. The refusal of the president to interfere with the race riots and the nullification of the Federal Constitution in Illinois is sure to provoke from carping critics the remark that his abstention ís doubtless dne to the fact that Illinois is a northern and a republican state. Attorney-General Griggs says there is no warrant for Federal interference becanse the governor has not called for help. Neither did the governor of Illinois cali for help when President Cleveland sent troops to put down the Chicago rioters, and yet the republicana applauded that act as the bravest of his administraron. Is there really a difference in gorod ;oxen? - New : York World. Cuba produces sugar, coffec. tobáceo and iasnrgent chieftains. The Phillipiues ditto. Yonr Unció Samuel has shown Spain the "opeu door" with the request that she close it f rom the outside. It may be necessary for Mr. McKinley to do a little lobbyiugto get ; that treaty approved by two-íhirds of the senafe. While congress is inqniring into the riots iu North Carolina it might throw a side light into the coal miuing distriets of te state ofclllinois. And when the whole thiiig has been simmered down it will be fotind that the most serious charge against Roberts, of Utah, is that he is a democrat. The Chinese are also interested in the Phillipine question. There are a great many of that race resident there and they don 't want to be exchided. And now that Andrew Carnegie and the New York World have joined hands we may expect the dangers which beset the conntry to be speedily cleared away. Lest the beet sngar bounty provided by the last legislature shonld prove insufficient to drain the state treasury the next session shonld provide a bounty on suckers. The rural statesmen, who will deter mine if Julius Caesar Bnrrows shall hibernate after March 4, whether he sees the protentous shadow or not, are not very easy marks for interviewing reporters. We extend our most heartfelt sympathies to our republican editorial brethren in this their hour of tribulation. The president has spoken and still he has not told thern where they're at. When Hou. Sam Collins, the rotnnd represen tative-elect of the Jackson city district, goes to Lansing next nionth his constituency will be assnred that they have given good weight even though he is a coal dealer. The gentlemen, whose interest in the dear public and Michigan pine kinds, induces them to champion a $2.00 tariff on lumber.are gatheringin Washington. The unselfish devotion of these forest kings to the principie of protection is something remarkable. Certain reformers propose to give the state of New York control over the pólice of New York city. It would seem that a proposition to tie the peace and order of the metropolis to the apron strings of the bucolic statesmen at Albany is not in line with home rule. The supreme court of Michigan decided yesterday tlïtó the express companies nrast pay the stamp tax ou bilis of lading and that it is illegal for the companies to reconp themselves by raising the ratêfi OU expre-sá matter. The companies wíl! doubtless take refuge in the federal conrts. It is not the policy of corporations to pay taxes whicb sodio one else may be made to pays The argument so often advanced that railroads are entitled to more consideration than other property because they are useful institntions is a beggiug of the question. The faction of the railroad is of no more importance to the commumty thau that of the mannfacturer, tlie merchant or the farmer. Each is an essential part of modem life and each should stand the same before the law. Detroit is nofc ouly in the throes of au anti-saloon crusade, bnt it [is also apset, more or less, by the ice and snow which accurrmlates upon the sidewalks of that city just as it does iu less pretentious towns. For correcting this irregularity the Detroit authorities propose to bring into use a stand and deliver ordinance similar to the one which an attempt was made to enforce in this city about three years ago. The Detroit authorities wiïl probably succeed about as well as those iu Ann Arbor did. The snow plows do the work cheaply and effectively enough here, especially when supplemented as it is by the work of our public spirited citizens with the shovel. The Saginaw Evening News which is against SeDator Burrows seven times a week has discovered a new senatorial possibility iu Dr. James B. Angelí, of Michigan University. The Daily Argus rises to pronounce a most emphatic second to that motion, on behalf of the democratie minority. Dr. Angell's selection for senatorial honor would please all parts. The champion of no partisan organization, he is the ideal of all. Dr. Angelí is not only a student and a teacher of renown, bnt a broad minded man of affairs who would bring acknowledged talents, ripe experience and dignity to the position. If the republican party is tired of Burrows let it turn over a new leaf and elect a statesman. In this it will have democratie support. The Kaiser endorses the peace propositions of the Czar. The world will wonder which ruler will gain the most in this sparring for position. ín its immacnlate assnrance Senaor Bnrrows literary bureau is only equalled by that oue which Iets the light of the glories of the Pingree dynasty iu upon the spell bomid constituency. The public debt increased $16,000,000 in November. The war is over, the Dingley bill is on its best behavior and the war tax is working full capacity night and day and yet the demand upon the treasury is greater thau the supply. Secretary Gage takes a more prononnced stand upon the currency question than the president. He is for retiring the greenbacks, giving over to the banks the business of issuing paper exirrency and securing by every possible safeguard the gold standard. If the present weather continúes unabated for two weeks it will mean mtieh to our business men. Cold, clear weather and good roads are always condacive to good holiday trade. Let tis hope that conditions willremain favorable and our business men reap the reward their enterprise so richly deserves.