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vOmC dllCl LAJOIV buyer of tomorrow. We have absolute confidence in our goods, and feel sure that by shopping around you will be convínced that we link together highest quality and towest price. Our Holiday OfferingS are at the same time beautiful and useful and include presents for the baby as well as for grandpa and gran dina. . s+. s Nottingham Lace Curtains 65c to $7.00 pr. tv fjl "H w -í -íá s Irish Point Lace Curtaia8 2-65 10 $9-00 Pr$fHf MB fcvd"-í 4 i yi 11 W Fish Net Curtains ?4.00 to $7.50 pr. $L=Jú ipPffll ■■ ■■ I-'"'1 líil ll Real Brussels Net Curtains $4.25 np fíllRSli hlirniflirP lÜ lIJl J l EaffledEdgeBobbinetOurtain... $1.50 to $4.25 H-4ï ïUllüililU L Finest Line of Tapestry Portiers, in all the V- 'PËtt 'to . new designs $2.25 to $11.00 pr.. f=rïf1Sl nfciA%i% Beautiful Silk Striped Portiers, assorted colors $2.00 up feÜI PIS rlrnPlll Rope Portiers, for single and doublé doom $3.00 to $9.75 fjsjnUï UUpill III S Uil 1 Fine line of Silk, Silkoline and Muslin Yard Goods. Elegant Combination Book Cases and Writing r Elegant Kash Koi Rugs, 30x Qlf DTUf SI TO big Hne of Sterling and Desks in Oak and Mahogany, pnce $6.00 UgS 66 inches only, $1.49 each. Öllfulnulu Roger Bros.' platedware. to $35.00 27x63 Moquette Rugs $2.25 each. Sterling Combs 65c Pretty Parlor Desks, new styles, $5.00 up. Smyrna Rugs, sizes from 14x27 in. to Sterling Comb and Brush Sets $4.25' Parlor Suits in the late coverings, $14.00 to 9xi2 ft., pnces 40c to $36.00. Sterling Silver Bonnet Brushes $1.50 J25 00 "_, - Sterling Silver Tooth Brushes 60r Beautiful orduroj, Yelour and Tapestry m 1Ofl SSZSt. Conches, $6.00 up. LFOllí Dressed Boy Dolls 35c sterling Manicure Scissors $1.25 Odd Divans, Rattan Pohshed Wood and U pAmerican Qirl Dolls, something new ... 75c ROger8 Plated Tea Bell 50cholstered, $6.00 up to $30.00. Unbreakable Dolls, warranted not to Rogers Plated Match Boxes $1.6& Fine Golden Oak and Mahogany Library .gak 65c up ROgers Plated Oyster Forks $2.25 set Tables, $6.00 up. Full line of Rubber Dolls. Rogers Plated Fruit Knives $1.95 set Beautiful Music Cabinets, $1.70 up. - - ■ Morris Chaire, Elegantly üpholstered, $5.75 Y EMtrr%(Z We are showing the largest assortment of Vase, Banquet and Readto $0 00 L-rfd-IIlJJö ing Lamps ever brought into the city. These are sensible and usetui BJggest"líne of Rockers ever shown in Washgifts appreciated by everyone-prices from 12c to $15. Our line of globes and shades intenaw County. elude all that is new in the line. TOYS TOYS Fire Engine, 25c. Beautiful Hook and Ladder Truck, 35c. Hook and Ladder Truck with real 6 foot Ladders, tínely finished, $1.85. Bis line Dolls' Furniture, ing Chaire, Tables, Cradles, Beds, Dressers, etc. [ Dolls' Trunka, 25c up. We show a large line of Games from 5c to $3.50. Celluloid Goods. Celluloid Handkerchief Boxes. .25c np Celluloid Photo Boxes 25c up Celluloid Toilet Cases 60c up Glove Boxes 25c up Stationery Boxes $1.25 up Children's Books. Bill Nye's Jokes and Chestnuts. . 18c volume Linen Books, Big Line 5c up Peck's Bad Boy, illustrated 75c Scrap Books 25c SlecLs Boys' and Girls' Sleds 33c eacJt All Iron Boys' Sleds $1.25 Boys' Coasters $1.00 up Girls' Sleds, large size 60e SKATE5. We carry a big line of Children 8, Ladies' and Men's Skatee, all stylefl and all prices. Come 10 and see tbem.