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Someof Attorney-Geueral Mayuard's friènds have in all probability leaked as to a conversation said to have takei place in Lansing at which the question of the snpreme court nomiuatiou nexi spring was one of the subjects broached. The Detroi t Eveuing New, coutaius the followinf: : "Now Unit C4ov. Pingree and the meiubers of his political and military cabiuet, who acconipanied iiim to Lansing Wednesday, have been home long enough to circuíate around anioug the faithfnl and let go of some of the things that were dicussed at the secret meeting in the exeeutive office, the next results of the gatheriug are becoming kuown. "In the first place it may be set down as a fact beyond dispute that Atty. -Qeu. Mayuard was duly brauded as the Pingree candidate for the republican noinination for justice of the supreme court. It was thought that the governor would not take auy decided stand in this fight fnrther than to opjose the nomination of Justice Graut, and the friends of Judge Kinne, of Aun Arbor, were hopefnl that he might at east divide the Pingree support with Mayuard. This hope has gone glimmering now and the entire machinery will be set to work in Mavnard 's terest. Tliis result may possibly be dne to the fact that Kinne's partictilar frieud, Sheriff Judson, was not present at Wednesday's conference, although Washtenaw couiity was represented by Deputy Railroad Commissioner Wedemeyer. "Another matter agreed upou at the conference was that there siiould be a Pingree candidate for every office in the state senate. Elmer E. Stanton, of Grand Rapids, was O. K. 'd for secretary and lines thrown out for available candidates for the other elective offices. They propose to force the fight from start to finish with a grand round Tip on senator." Notwithstandiug this article, it may be safelyassnmed that the Pingree sentiment has not yet crystalized in favor of any one particular candidate for supreme court judge. It is highly improbab e that a military cabinet wonld attcmpt to settle it. It is known that Deputy Railroad Commissioner Wedemeyer whose uame gets into the News as Wesselras, is an advocate of the nomination of Judge Kinne. Other strong Piugree men are also supporting him. There will some active moves made on the political chess board this winter and some conferences may possibly settle the candidate of the Pingree forces. All that is in all probability yet settled is that Attorney-Gen. Maynard, who has been a thick and thi n Pingree sxipporter, is yet in the running with hopes of Pingree support.