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Mt. Vernon, 111., Dec. 5.- The duties of professors in our institutions of learning are very tryiug, and great demands are made npon the mind and body. How many men of this calling are dragged down into untimely death by'disease ! Barna McDaniel, Professor of Mathematics in the Mount Vernon Colligiate Institute, was all run down, Kidney Disease having attacked him, bnt today he is as well as ever he was. He tells why: "For the last eight years I have been a sufferer from Kiduey Weakness, cansed by overwork. Much of the time during the last six years it has been necessary for me to take medicine almost daily in order to be able to do my work, and a large per cent of my salary was paid, out for remedies, but I received only temporary resnlts. I had tried so many different remedies without effect, that when I heard of Dodd's Kidney Pilis I had little confidence in fchem. "I ordered half a dozen boxes. When I had used theni I found myself benefited so much that I ordered another half dozen boxes. When these were taken I considered myself cured. I have taken no Kidney Medicine since, and am as sound as I ever was. Dodd's Kidney Pilis are a positive and permanent cure for all diseases arising from disordered Kidueys.