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A Tramp Got Wet

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There are trampa and tramps. Ou of these gemis of tramp who is uot o: the ordiuary class raakes periodic trip to this city. He floats in every year o two, stays for a day or such a matte aud floats on. He generally makes hi appearance at the Argus office vith woe begone cast of countenance. H is a little dried Tip specimen, a grad uate of Harvard, a man who could make his way in newspaper work, i: he could get the liquor out of him long enough to become himself once more. He has held down some good newspaper positions iu his short periods of reform - but not for any leugth of time, the tramping fc ver seizes him and he is up and away. He nsually asks for a slip of paper when he comes iu, aud writes his request. He always cart-ies a pencil. His note on his last visit to the Argus oflice was as follows : Mr. Beek. : A man who only drops around at intervals of half a decade eau hardly be deemed a uuisauce whatever his errand. I am in my normal state of fiuaneial deficieucy aud in quite a au abuoarml state of shyness of proveúder. I beg to be given a chance to earn a lunch and a shave. Ordei-s for same quite as acceptable as cash. Am willing to do any kind or quality of work in requifal. Please compassiouate. Resemble and emulate Whittier's Arab raising the 9ap of his tent at uight-fall aud shouting into the depths of the desert waste: "Whoever thou art, whose need is great, In the name of Allah, the compassionate, And mereiful me, - For theelwait. " DAVID W. HARNETT. Ou one visit here Harnett carne back ;wo or three times and when remonstrated with he said: "Well, give rne some oíd newspapers for bedding. I am goiug to leave town and you won't see me again for a year. " The uext morning when the editor carne down to :he office Harnett was waiting on the streets, and when greeted with the remark "I thought you were not coinnig back for a year," he said: "All I want is some more oíd newspapers. I tarted out all ïïght last night and got out a little ways on W. Huron st. , when I thought I would pass the night inder a tree. So T out my )apers and lay down. You know it ained during the night and I failed to arouse from my slumbers, and wheu morning dawned I found myself in a )ool of water. The newspapers had ollected it and prevented the water 'rom soaking into the ground, so I ome back to town to get some more )edding. " Such are some of the deights of tramping.