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She Wants A Divorce

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It's a cokl week when the Argus does not have the cornmeucernent of One or two divorce cases to chroniclef The latest comes froni Ypsilanti towu. Mr. Bertha E. Beach has just filed a bilĂ­ in the circuit court askiug for a divorce from her husband, Frank W. Beach, and making as defendants also to the bill bis father and mother Mr. and Mrs. William Beach and D. B. Green. She wants a divorce on the grouud that her husband is a habitual dmnkard, is extremely cruel to her and neglects to support her and her 12 year old daughter. They were married May 1. 1883, in Monroe county, N. Y. The bill sets up that she left him in 1890 to support herself and ehild and went ont to work, that by hard work and fragality she accuinulated $176, that in order to get the use of this mouey, Beach, his father and mother persnaded her to put this 176 into a half acre of ground, the deed of which ran to the father ; that the father and mother made a deed of this property to the hosband Frank W. Beach, which she supposed was properly recorded, bnt which they filed with D. B. Green on Nov. 3, 1891, with instructions not to deliver it to the husband nntil their death; that in consideration of her husband's proinise to reform and a contract fron?. him to deed her the property he advanced the ruoney. The bill goes n to set tip that on iiarch 19, 1892, ?rank W. Beach did make a warranty eed of the property to her which was uly recorded, that a house was erected n the land for $850 and that besides he $176 in rnoney, she had paid for it )y assisting in raising ? arden stuff and peddling it iu Ypsilanti 8nd Anu Arbor, he also claims to have earned f125 towards a $175 barn. She now wants an order coinpelling this property to be leeded over to her. A teraporary innnction was issvied by the conrt restraining the defeudants from selling or disposing of the property or interfering with her in the posees sionof it during the pendeucy of the snit.