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The Great Storm

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Aun Arhor riirï uot suffer uearly sn mueh froni the heavy snow storm s did Detroit. Still the teleplioue conipanies had lots of trouble. The New State had abont 200 libones burned ont by the wires crossing with the eleetrie wires. The Bell company did -not suffer nearly so inneh. and had bul 35 phones burued out. At Yj)silatiti, the damage was much greater thau here aad it reached its height at Detroit. At Jacksou no damage was doiie. . The Bell teleplioue eompauy has opeu ,commtmieati'iu uorth and south and'with Ypsilanti. Manager Keech has a gang of men vorkiug east froni Ypsilanti and expects to reach Wayue fchis afterycon. Iu thi city the ice formed on the wires eau?, d them to break and to bccome entü-igled with the electric wires. Farrher east towards Detroit the weight was strong euough to break ïuany of poles and in Detroit everything is a tangled mass. At Ypsilanti a cóupie of pails of water were thrown ipoü the switch board at the telephone office in order to extinguish the pyrotechnic display, of course ruining the board. The storm has also injumï inore more or less slirabbery abont the city.