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Wilhain Steptoe wil] tiptoe up (o ths jury box over at Aun Arbor, when his name is called by clerk Schub. Steptoe is a juror from Webster townsbip. Jolui C. Sharp, of Jaokson, is fignrmg ou how he could be licked Eor senator, wheu Piug carried both Jaekson aud Washteuaw couutis. He ig Paiisfied the Pingreegangtised the mach-tte ou hun iu the voting booths, and instead of Johu C. Sarhp, they let John B. Flat. The Aun Arbor Register says tbat Geo. S. Wheeler, the Piugree caudidate tor represeutative, will vote for Buriwvs. Tliis shows that the JikIsou gang does not possess all the bunco steerers iuthe political field. The old mau was too loug in politics to shriuk at deceptiou. He put ou a spy's iiuiform aud got in his worir. PÏugree's push, pushed hard for him, aud uow are betraycd. politiciaus over in Washtenaw. Last week at Chelsea, Wm. Remnant married Mrs. Anua Moran, and at the home of the groom's mother, the Remnauts were gathered for a wedding feast. The lady had been once mar - ried, and many a man liad been selected for a groom in that town but Mrs. Moran was perfectly satisfled to take oue of the Remnants for a hnsband, and finds she made no mistake. No matter what happens to the village, yet so loug as they live, there will bé Remnants of Chelsea, that are always desirable. Jim Richetta was a high school student at Ann Arbor, the qnarter back of the football team and captain of the track team. For some cause he was suspended and it sö weakened the teams that the students presented a petitiou to the board to get their quarter back, all back. The board inembers had their back up at the quarter back, and wouldn't back down, and the quarter back couldn't get back into the school, so he went back to his home at Calumet, and the ball team has to fall back on its fnll back for a quarter back. Seems to us they m ke a great ado about securing a quarter back. One football team which owed us six" shilling," handed usa dollar the other day and we gave them a quarter back. Glad to do it with any f eet ball organization.