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Anderson Admits It

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Fred AnderKon, a colored man, of Ypsilanti, is on trial in the circuit court charged with assaulting William E. McCurdy with iutent to do great bodily harm less than rnurder. The assault is said to have occurred on May 21, last. On Sepfc. 5, McCurdy died and the doctors today testifled that he carne to his deatfa from a knife wound in his left side, althoiigh he might have died from other causes later if he had uot been so wounded. The testiruony for the prosecution is not yet in but it seems from that portion already in that shortly previeras to the affray McCurdy took a girl to a dance and the others tried to sec how many times they could dance with her to the exclusión of McCnrdy. Later a wordy war ensued between Aaderson and McCurdy and they came to blows. McCurdy seeined to get the better of it and polished Anderson off until Andersou said he had enough. McCurdy's attention w7as then called to a pain in bis side, when a knife wonnd was discovered. The testimony so f ar in has not brought out a full understanding of the iracas. Considerable interest was taken in the physicians testimony, Drs. Hall, Barton and Wilcoxsou beiug placed upon the stand agreéd that his death was caused by the wound. Arthur Brown and Judge Babbitt are conducting the prosecution and Capt. Allen, D. C. Griffln and F. A. Stivers appear for the defense. The trial of Fred Auderson charged with assaultiug William E. McCurdy another Ypsilanti colored man with a knife is drawing to a close, 12 witnesses havug been sworn for the prosecution and six for the defense. The lawyers are now making the closing argument to the jury. Anderson was the last witness put upon the stand and he told his story of the fight which took place at about 5 :80 o'clock on the aftemooa after the dance at which the trouble had origiuated. He had told others that morning that Mac was mad at him for dajicing with May Long. When he went into Tolbert's shop that afternoon "Juice" Wilson, who i preceded him, went out the back door and when he followed him he heard McCurdy calling him by a vile epithet. McCurdy said to him : "If it was not for the law, I'd fight. you. " He said: "I'll keep you clear of the law" and he said "Well, strike me flrst. ' ' He had done so. McCurdy came at him eo fast he couldn't keep him off. Andersou testifled: "He knocked me across the alley, I wasexcited and deazed. I got my knife out and I cut him. I was wild and I struckat him several times, I had no other protection, so I used my knife. As I thought he was going to kill me." After the flght he said he washed up and then inqnired where McuCiirdy was. He and his friends went out to look for him found him lying on the ground. He went after a dcotor and when he got back found theni putting McOurdy in a buggy. He went to the doctor s office with him and then went to Jackson. On cross-exaimnation he said he was ferying to cut McCnrdy. He identified the knife but said he was so excitedhe didn't know which blade he used.