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Chelsea is working for a farmers' institute this winter.

Mrs. John VanRiper died in Chelsea Dec 8 aged 64 years.

The Rev. Mr. Barry, of York, is $48 ahead, the result of a donation.

Mrs. Evaline H. Dougherty, of Ypsilanti, has been granted a pension.

Flowing water at a depth of 60 feet has been struck by Peter Merkle of Sylvan.

Fred Russell, of Saline, was pitched out of a barn door by an angry bull the other day.

The M. E. church, in Dexter, is putting a new furnace in their church building.

Edward Schaffer, of Manchester and Miss Lizzie Parker, of Grass Lake, were married Dec. 6.

John E. Hall, a well known farmer of Dexter township, has gone to California for his health.

The Saline Farmers' Club holds its next meeting at the house of L. Josenhaus, the first Friday in January.

Rolland Hummell the particularly lovable child of Mr. and Mrs. Chauncey Hummell, of Chelsea, died Dec. 6.

William E. Boyden, of Webster, has just shipped to Chicago a carload of the finest cattle ever sent out of Washtenaw county.

The South Lyon M. E. church raised its debt of $1,200 the other Sunday with $20 over, as a nest egg for current expenses.

Jessie Gray, Emmett Hendershot and Claud Harrum, of Saline went fox hunting the other day and captured foxes three fine.

The new farmers' insurance company in the northwestern towns of the county has already secured about half a million of insurance.

The proceeds of the recent supper and entertainment of the ladies of St. Mary's church in the opera house, of Chelsea, amounted to $285.84.

The Presbyterian church ladies in Stony Creek have organized an aid society and the next meeting will be held at Mrs. James Lowden's, Jan. 4.

Mrs. Sarah Wastell, of Clinton, with the assistance of a bulldog attempted to murder a rat the other day and in the melee fell and broke her ankle.

A large crowd turned out to the dedication of the Saline Presbyterian church Sunday. The collection amounted to $521 and the new $6,000 church is nearly paid for.

D. P. Sullivan, of Ypsilanti, has been selected as one of the seven delegates of the Michigan division of the League of American Wheelmen to attend the national convention.

Mrs. Adelaide Perry, of Grass Lake, broke her arm by slipping on an icy pavement in Carleton's burg Saturday. She broke her ankle a year and a half ago and lost. her only daughter last spring.

Philip Schweinfurth has resigned after being 10 years janitor of the German M. E. church at Francisco and Theodore Reimenschneider succeeds him. The man with 28 letters in his name succeeds one with 18.

Olive Lodge, No. 156, F. & A. M., of Chelsea, has elected the following officers: W. M., R. S. Armstrong; S. W., H. S. Holmes; J. W., R. B. Waltrous; treasurer, J. A. Palmer; secretary, T. E. Wood ; S. D. , Wm. Bacon ; J. D., H. H. Avery; tyler, W. B. Sumner.

The Chelsea Y. P. S. C. E. has elected the following officers: President, F. T. Freeman; vice president, Miss M. Schumacher; secretary, Miss M. Drislane; assistant secretary, Miss Florence Martin; treasurer, Ralph Holmes; chorister, Mr. Webster; assistant chorister, Miss Townsend; pianist, Miss Helena Steinbach ; assistant pianist, Miss Florence Martin.

The Ypsilanti revision of the charter committee proposes the following changes:  A commission of five to act as a fire, police and streets commission, which appoints and has charge of the police, firemen and street commissioner; to provide for the issue of bonds not to exceed 2 per cent of the assessed valuation for street paving purposes; to pay the mayor $100 salary, clerk $900 salary and aldermen $2 per meeting ; board of public works to consist of one from each ward ; increasing sewer bonds to $20,000; board of special assessors.

Considerable mirth was excited, says the Brooklyn Exponent, over what was supposed to be a real turkey. Some of the villagers joined in for a good time by way of a surprise to someone whose mouth fairly watered for a turkey dinner.
They filled a sack with rags and salt, so that it would weigh about the same as an ordinary turkey, fastened some turkey's legs to the sack and then put the entire make up into another sack, leaving the feet exposed to view, nicely tied in proper shape. They visited a place of business here in town with turk under the arm which was very noticeable to innocent parties.
It was not long before some one suggested that the turkey be put up for raffle. Those who were acquainted with the scheme found no fault with the proposition and ere long the turkey changed hands several times. Finally a party who had taken chances several times won the turkey. He was satisfied and said he was ready to quit, but the bystanders insisted that he either put up the turkey again or "set 'em up. '' He "set 'em up," and went off with the prize.

There are 76 Lady Maccabees in Milan.

There are 311 pupils in the Milan public schools.

The deposits in the Milan bank aggregate $91,713.88.

M. McMullen, of Mooreville, is drilling for a flowing well.

The two Manchester banks have deposits amounting to $274,019.39.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Feldkamp, of Freedom, rejoice over a son born Dec. 6.

Wm. Gray, of Sharon, died recently at Pontiac. He was buried in Sharon.

Mrs. Emma Harris, wife of George Harris, of Whittaker, died last Thursday.

Frank Jones was sent to jail from Ypsilanti Thursday for 20 days for drunkenness.

The two Chelsea banks have deposits aggregating $480,339.41, which indicates the possession of considerable wealth in Chelsea.

Grant Kimmell, of Ypsilanti town, had his arm badly mangled in a feed cutter. besides having his head cut and bruised last Wednesday.

A little girl reported to a teacher in the Milan schools recently, "Harold almost hit Florence in the eye with a snowball ; he struck her right on the leg."

Charles Shafer, of Milan, was found dead at James Terney's on Hickory st., in that village. A coroner's inquest found that he died from congestion of the lungs.

Sharon is increasing in population, a daughter being born to Mr. and Mrs. H. Ordway, a son to Mr. and Mrs. Orndorf, a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Byrnu VanArnum, and a son to Mr. and Mrs. Sam Haselschwerdt.

The Woman's Relief Corps, of Manchester, has elected the following officers : President, Mrs. Melissa Hall ; senior vice president, Mrs. Nellie R. Stringham ; junior vice president, Mrs. Mary J. Teeter; guard, Mrs. Ann E. Rose; conductor, Mrs. Polly Nisle; chaplain, Mrs. Charlotte Silkworth.

Jacob F. Miller, the well known Manchester citizen, who died recently, was born in Freedom, Dec. 10, 1843. He was married to Miss Loisa Weis in 1874, who survives him with one son. He had been in business in Manchester for 16 years and was a large, fine looking, intelligent and kindly man.

Huron Lodge, I. O. O. F., of Dexter, gave a fine banquet last Thursday night celebrating their 50th anniversary it which Dr. E. F. Chase read a historical sketch, Grand Master E. H. Sellers, of Detroit, made an address and toasts were responded to by Ray McColl, Judge H, V. Newkirk, R.C. Reeve and Prof. A. D. DeWitt. The toastmaster was Rev. J. J. Staley. S

St. Joseph's Sodality, of St. Mary's church, Chelsea, has elected the following officers: Prefect, John S. Hoeffler ; first assistant, James Mullen ; second assistant, John Clark, secretary, Henry Mullen ; treasurer, Francis Fenn ; marshals and banner bearers, Philip Keusch and J. Edward Weber; reader, John Hindelang; consultors, Mathias Schwickerath, Chas. Neuberger, John Walsh, Geo. Miller, jr. , Michael Staffan, Philip Keusch.

The Milan K. of P.s have elected the following officers: C. O., G. W. Hitchcock; V. C, E. A. Farrington; prelate, D. C. Salisbury; K. R. and S., C. W. Steidle; M. E., E. W. Blackmer, M. F., M. W. Hitchcock, M. A., K. P. Alderman; M. W., Earl Sweet; I. G., Webb Blackmer; O. G., Elmer Beverly ; P. C. , Clarence Needham ; trustee, J. R. Gump; representative, G. D. Chandler; alternate, Elon Gauntlett.

Comstock Post, G. A. R. , of Manchester, has elected the following officers: Commander, R. M. Teeter; senior vice commander, S. R. Sherwood; junior vice commander, Henry Kirchhofer; surgeon, M. N. Hough; chaplain, J. E. Teeter; quartermaster, A. A. Stringham ; officer of the day, John Mount; officer of the guard, T. F. Rushton ; delegate to state encampment, D. M. Burch; alternate, Frank Norton.

Prof. Gilbert H. Hicks, son of Rev. H. W. Hicks, of Dexter, died at Washington, D C. , this week. He was a graduate of the Michigan Agricultural College and taught botany in that institution. For the past five years he has had charge of the botanical division in the agricultural department at Washington.
His herbarium of American varities of flowers is the most complete on record in the country. He was 39 years of age.