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Fire Them Out Doors

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Only Way to Save Valuable Records in Case of Fire





In the County Jail by Supervisor Clark


The Supervisors Will Not Provide Fire Protection for Real Estate. They Return Canfield's Bill and Refuse to Go to Lansing.


The resolution of Supervisor Allmendinger to appropriate $2,500 for the fire protection of the register of deeds office in the court house, was defeated Friday morning by the board of supervisors, the vote being, viz : Yeas, - Dean, Millard, Fischer, Krapf, BoyIe, Kitson, Allmendinger, Tuomy and Voorheis, 8. Nays - Bibbins, Walter, Clark, Dettling, Beach, Seyler, Howlett, Donegan, Case, Van Sickle, Fowler, Hall, Kenny, Hunter and MoCullough, 15.

Supervisor S. W. Millard moved as an amendment that $750 be appropriated, but this was also voted down.

The discussion showed that the county supervisors felt there was little danger of fire in the court house, and if a fire occurred, the books would either be little damaged or saved by being taken out of the windows and doors. Mr. Allmendinger called attention to the fact that lire protection could not be secured without having double walls. He would rather take the chances of a future board making an adequate appropriation than taking a present sum not sufficient for the purpose. Mr. Millard suggested they would never secure an appropriation, they would simply have more taxes to pay.

The matter of sending delegates to Lansing to attend the association of supervisors to be held Feb. 17, was discussed. The expense of membership would be from 10 to $15. Supervisor Allmendinger's motion to send two delegates, one of which should be the chairman of the board was lost. Supervisor Case explained that he understood the objects of the association were principally to keep down expenses in counties by watching measures of general legislation. Supervisor Bibbins thought little good would come of the meetings as it was uncertain if the delegates would attend the meetings of the board next fall and therefore no report could be made. Supervisor Case called attention to the action of the board of state charities, recommending that an act be passed forbidding the use of jails in cities for the detention of drunks and tramps. If such an act was passed, he said, there would not be justice bills of $1,000 with all the attendant officers bills, presented to the board. It was all wrong to arrest drunken, lousy tramps on the streets of Ann Arbor, and put them into jail. Sometimes good men got into jail, and they should not be forced to associate with such fellows. Thousands of dollars would be saved to the county if such an act were passed.

Deputy Sheriff Ferguson's bill for $25.53 was allowed. Deputy Sheriff Chas. Hipp's bill was disallowed. On motion of Supervisor Dean, the bill of Under Sheriff Canfield was referred back to the maker for correction and compliance with the resolution passed at the last meeting of the board. The bills of Justice Duffy for $98.85 and Justice Joslyn for $21.30 were allowed.

At their afternoon session the board allowed the bill of Deputy Sheriff Canfield at the amount originally claimed.

The board of supervisors finished up their work Friday afternoon and returned to their homes. The only thing remarkable about the afternoon session was the refusal of a supervisor to take the pay that the rest of the supervisors received on the ground that he had not been present at all the sessions of the board. Supervisor Dean felt too well over his trip to Lansing to wish to draw $3 a day while he was gone and so when the committee on per diem reported the, allowance of $15 and mileage to each supervisor Mr. Dean moved that the report be amended to make his allowance $3.12 as he had been actually present for one full day. The amendment carried and the report was approved and so it is that across the stub of a warrant in County Clerk Schuh's office in red ink is the tale of Col. Dean's refusal of $12.

The books of the county treasurer were reported correct, the overdraft being $1,271.05 and the disbursements for three months $36,018.21.

Sheriff Judson was allowed an additional bill of $107.91 and his deputies were paid as follows: Wackenhut $411.66, Canfield $209.59, Warner $122.67, Norris $5. The bill of Mr. Wackenhut was cut about $10. Dr. Hull, of Ypsilanti, was allowed $15 for a postmortem and $25 for expert testimony. Dr. Cowie's bill for $10 was cut to $5. Dr. Barton's bill as coroner was cut from $25 to $15. That same old bill of $50 for keeping sparrow order accounts presented by Deputy Treasurer Braun was allowed. Deputy Treasurer Braun was allowed $3 a day for 5 days in making out reports. Mr. Koch was allowed $5 for making plans for a vault in the register of deeds office.

On motion of Mr. Dean, the prosecuting attorney was instructed to report all cases wherein he has authorized the issuing of warrants and the costs incurred before each justice.

The building committee, on motion of Mr. Case, was instructed to repair the roof of the court house with the very best material.

The clerk was instructed, at the instance of Mr. Hunter, to provide all books for the court room which the judge should deem useful.

A new type writer was ordered purchased for the clerk's office and a new file stamp and record book.

Then the board gave thanks, under the leadership of Mr. Case, to Chairman Whittaker for his never failing courtesy and impartial rulings and to County Clerk Schuh for the gentlemanly manner in which he had treated the board, and adjourned without date.