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Will Thaw The Earth

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The Detroit, Plyinouth & Northville electrio ralway has laid its tracks from Plyinouth to withiii several hundred yards of the D. , Y. & A. A. railroad. (Jrading was stopped becuse of the f rozen grouud. At first the proposition to make connections with the D. , Y. & A. A. raihvay was giveu up until warm weather, but the plan of allowiug the eutire road to remain idle for two months was too expensive, and the officials are going to Klondike their way through to the tracks. They have bought a large quantity of dry wood aud are piling it along the right of way. The officials propose to thaw out the ground. They expect to make the conection in a week, and will have cars trunning fromWayne to Plyinouth ;he next day.