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Her Health Restored

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ira # THE misery of sïeeplessness can only be realized by those who have experienced it. Nervousness, sïeeplessness, ■fcea-daches, neuralgia and tliat miserable íeeling of unrest, can surely be curedby Dr. Miles' Restor.itive Ncrvine. So certain is Dr. Miles of this f act tliat all druggists are authorized to refund price paid for the first bottle tried, providing it does not benefit. Mrs. Henry Bruns, wife of the well known "blacksmith at Grand Junction, Iowa, says: 'I was troubled with sïeeplessness, nervoustiess, headaclie and irregular menstruation; ïufTering uutold misery for years. I used various advertised remedies for female complaints besides being under the care of local physicians, -wiJiouthelp. I noticed in Dr. Miles' advertisement the testimonial of a lady cured of ailments similar to mine, and 1 shall never cease to thank that lady. Her testimonial induced me to use Dr. Miles' Nervine and Nerve and Liver Pilis, which restored me to health. I cannot say enough ior Dr.Miles'Bemedies." ■HPfffljPRIH Dr. Miles' Remedies J Dr. v9 aresold by all ES, Miles'' il iists under a positive ti 3 guarontee, first bottle E-NSrVine 3 benefits or money fc.pestoreS j f unded. Book on ■& Uealth a ases of the heart and Hfflf Iti I li'l I oervesfree. Address, I SsBÉUÉMMHH DR. MILES MEDICAL CO.. Elkhart, Ind.