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■ 1 Some time ago the Argus stated that plans were on foot to secure the building of a íiew homeopathie hospital in this city. Nothing further was heard from the project at the time, but uot because it was dying out. The plans have riow been still further worked out and it now seems extremely likely that the legislature will be asked for an appropriation at this session. A prominent member of the homeopathie faculty said to the Argus that it was not yet definetly decided whether the appropriation would bc asked this Tcarand the visit of theuniverity coininittee would beawaited before making -,i definite decisión. Two sites have been Jooked at for the proposed new hospital. The Smith property on the corner of Washtenaw and N. University, which may be purchased for $17,000 and the old Winchell property on N. Univerity, Ingalls and Thayer sts. , which may be had for $14,000. If the Smith property is purchased the handsome residence now on it inay be utilized for a irarse's home and the hospital built back on the brow of the hill cominauding a fine view. The city will be asked to provide the money for the site. In return it is suggested that the city could makes ome iron ciad provisions for free beds. The sum of $50,000 is wanted for the hospital building alone and f15,000 for the plumbing and pi ping of the building in the latest and most sanitary marnier. Then it is thought that it will cost about $5,000 for extending the tunnel of the university heating plant to conneet the hospital witii it. The total amount of money wantod from the city and state is thus about 97,000. To offset this sum, the state has in lts treasury the sum of $25,000 appropriated in a previ ous year to remove the homeopahthic department to Detroit. This sum the legislature could divert to the hospital fund, which would leave about 55, 000 more wanted from the state. The hopital is greatly needed as both the uuiversity and homeopathie hospitals have been overcrowded and people continally tuurned away. The plan fontemplates turning the present homeopathie hospital over to the old school which could easily use it.