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Threat Of Prosecution.

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The charge is made that a number of farmers of this seotion have been cheated on the weights of stock sold for shipment and there is some talk of a criminal prosecution growing out of it. One farmer is said to have been 60 pounds short weight on a load of hogs. Another farmer' s load of lambs were weighed in at 100 ponnds less than their actual weight. Another farmer lost 40 pounds on two loads of lambs and still auother lost 300 pounds ou some cattle. It is said that the fault is not in the scales at the railroads, as these scales weigh the same as the other stock scales of the city and that farmers who are known to have stock scales have their stock correctly weighed in. Usually when a farmer drives up with his load, his horses need his attentiou and by the time he gets aronnd to it, he finds his check already made out. The story is also told of the owner of a scales onding a silver dollar uuder a weight on the scales after a stock buyer had used thein. A silver dollar would jiiake a good mauy pouuds difference in weight. It is stated that this cheatirig of farmers by a ccrtaiu buyer bas been a systematio "business aud that the farmeis would have saved many dollars lmd tbey taken weigh bilis aud insisted on tbeir weights. Of course iu this case he wotild be apt to be met with the statement that the buyer was not buying stook by the scales on which the farmer had weighed, but the furmqr wonld have the cousolatiou of knowiug wheu he was being cheated aud how mucb. It is tbought that the aggregate, of losses iu tbis sectiou would aiuouut to a large snm. If these charges are truc, the farmers should uuite in an effort to protect their own iuterests. It must not be supposed that this is Wi indictment against all stock buyers, most of vbom are reputable and honest dealers.