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A New Creamery To Be Started In Ann Arbor

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The State Farmers' Institute for Washtenaw county, as lias been preyiously aunounced, will be held in this city Feb. 15 and 1.6. Arrangeiaents for it are being perfected and a few of the details can iiow be given to the public. The institute wül be condncted by Prof. Smith, the head of the experimental station of the State Agrictiltural College and the man appointed by the secretary of agrioulture to look after the culture of sugar beets in this state. At the first session he will read a paper on "Sugár Beets," a topic which is just now of great interest here. Unless the subject is altered on the second day he will speak on "Lamb Feeding." Mr. C. P. Goodrich, of Fort Atkinsoii, Wisconsin, the great authority on dairy questions will speak at two sessions of the institute. He will speak on "Feeds and Feeding for Dairy Cows. ' ' Dr. Q. A. Waterman, a former Salem man. the bead of the veterinary department of the State Agricultural Ooilege, and President J. L. Snyder, "of the Agricultural College, will also read papers. Mrs. Ella Rockwood, of Flint, will also be here to address the wornan's section. The woman's tion will be iu charge of Miss Jenaie Buell, of this city, secretary of the State Grange. The wcman's section will hold two meetings. ïhe sessious of the institute will be held in Newberry hall, which will permit the men and women's meetings to be carried on in the same building, and at the same time. It is hoped that everyone will make an especial eft'ort to attend these meetings. This conuty bas not made for itself the best of records for attendance on farmers' institutes. The state pays the expenses of the speakers and Mr. Butterworth in writing toMr F. E. Mills coucerning the institute says: "I hope you will have a very large ad ' siastic institnte. To teil the truth the Washtenaw county institntes for the past two years at least have not been as large andenthusiaticas the agricultural importance of your county and the intelligence of its farmers would dernand. ' ' The only way in which the state round-up at which farmers are present froru every county in the state, can be secured for Ann Arbor is to make this institute, which is a kind of a test, a success. Every farmer whö attends it will be greatly benefited..