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The coiistruction of au eleotric line between Lansing and Auu Arbor by way of Dexter next spriug and sunimer is now practically au assured tact. This line will aid Auu Arbor much more than the Detroit line as it will bring trade to the city instead of taking it ont. It will make an 80 rnile road tbrough a very populus district and thorngh ïnany villages. It will ruu froin Lansiug to Masou, tlience to Dexter and ou to Anu Arbor. It will strike a number of ïakes which will prove popular for resorters. A meeting was held in Detroit Saturday between representatives of Westinghonse, Ohurch, Kerr & Co. , one of the best knowu firms of contracting electrical engineers aud manufacturers in the country and directorsof thecompany at which an-angements were made ior the building and equippingof the road by the Westinghouse company. ïbe projectors and stockholders of the road present were O. E. Mapes and Dr. E. J. Shanks, of Lansing, Thomas Birkett, of Dexter, Morris Coppiu, of Plainfield,and Mr. Chase, of Darisville. The representatives of the Westinghouse company present were W. W. Churchill, of .New York, the chief engineer of the company; O. A. Strauahan, of Chicago, one of the compauy's financial experts ; C. E. Eegister, the Chicago representative of the company, and Wallace Franklin, the Detroit representative. The road is one which has beep on paper for the last two years, witb no imrnediate prospects of ever bécoining au entity, 'out negotiations witli the Westinghonse people have been in progross for some time. This concern is anxious to establish its plauts throughout the country and sees in the fnture of the road ampie guarantee for the capital invested. The capital stock of the company is 250, 000, and wben the road is built the Westinghouse Co. is to float its bond, to the extent of .$1,175,000. No details could be obtaiDed as to how ranch of the stock is taken or how far the plans for financing the road are completed, except that a market for the bonds has already been arranged for, andjthatnone of those iuterosted are lookiug for any serious hitch. The Westinghouse Co. has built and financed a good many larger ventures than this. One of the Detroit papers stated that an agreeinent was entered ïnto by which ?he Westinghouse company is to go ahead and build and equip the road and finance it, and work on the road is to begin within fonr weeks and the road in running order over the whole line by Aug. 1. It is understood at this end of the line that this was the talk but that a definite agreement was not sigued at this meeting, but that the probabilities are as stated. Mr. Birkett, the Dexter promoter of the road, conld not be reached by telephone this afternoon as he had gone to Pinekney. An Ypsilanti dispatch to the Free Press speaks of a project previously mentioned in the Argus as follows: "It is now confidently expected that within a year an electric railway will be constructed between this city and Saline, a distance of 12 miles. Local capitalists are interesied in the enterprise. "