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Coral Churches

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Prof. J. B. Steere, formerly connected with the uuiversity, and who visited the Philippine Islands twice, has many interesting things to relate. Ouce in his travels iu the jungle his party camped after shootiug a deer. A native and wife came to their camp and were given a quarter of the deer. They had 110 cooking utensils of any kind with them. The native man cairied the cnstomary machete. He stepped to a large bamboo tree and cut ifc down. He then cut off a sectiou, with a poiut at each end, cut a slit in it so that a lid could bo raised, filled the aperture with water, placed the veiiison within, closed the lid, and stood the bamboo joint, which was perhaps four feet long, against the fire iu a slanting direction, and in the course of time the m'eat was finely iooked. Prof. Steere has a barn loft filled with highly interesting specimens or coral from the islands. The natives build churches from coral. It is cut out in blocks at low tide and tied to bamboos so that wheu high tide comes, it can be towed ashore. This coral never loses its fishy smell and on a damp day the odors iu a coral church