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Miss Barbara Bader, of 702 N. Fif th ave., wasseized bya man whodemanded her rooney Satnrday near the corner of State and Fnller sts. She was on her way to her work in the laundry of the university hospital at about 6 :45 o'clock in the morning and noticed that she was followed by a man up the hill froni the Michigan Central depot. She quickend her steps bnt cotild not evade her pnrsuer who suddenly grabbed her by the throat exclaiming: "Give me your money. " She didn't have any money with her. The fellow threw her down on the walk. She' screamed londly and her assailaut ran off as fast as his legs could carry him, jumping the fence and rail up the railroad track. She describes her assailant as a short, chunky man and she thonght he was colored. If not, he was proöably a tramp begrimed with coal dust. There were no houses very close to the scène of the assault and inmates of the nearest houses heard nothing of the assanlt. The girl's comb was found near where she was thrown down. This is not the flrst hold up of the kind which has recently happened in the city and it is to be hoped that the robber will be diptured and severely dealt with. It ought to be safe in this city for women to be on the streets in the morning or early evening. i