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To the Readers of ttiis Paper. A I FPP-17PH INK' POPTPAFT Cufc out this coupon andsendby A UirC-ÖIACU IH1V rUKJKAH. mail orbringittomy studio, with One Dollar and any photograph yon wish enlarged, and I wlïi make you a Superior Ink Portrait, ]6 x 20 size bust of one pereon, and deliver the same to you at my studio, or ship to you by expresa, with no extracharge for packing. No peraon in compelled to buy a frame. This isa strictly bona-flde and houest offer made by a reliable house. I do a atraightforward square business, anddoit under myown name, and not under a false or lictitious one. In getting this Portrait you get it direct f rom the maker, theref ore I cao f urnish it to you at an extromely low price, there being no agent or middle man, and you thereby get the benefit by saving yourself the pronts that usualy go to the agent or middle dealer. If you are not ready for your Portrait yet, cut out this coupon and save it until you see one obtained by sorae of your friends or neighbors. I agree to furnish the Portrait within f rom two to four weeks from the time I receive the order. References: - Pingree & Smith, American Express Co., National Express Co., UnitedStates, Express Co., and any of theBanta of Detroit. Studio established 1881. WEITB YOUE NAME AND POST-OPFICE ADDRESS PLAINLY. CTThisCoup ÍoRELIABLE POBjJísÉ I23MICHAVC,PE,TROIT.M'CH