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THE WEAPON OF SCIENCE. The man with a -otJ (1 spear and shield may ■Siali lm seem a terrible fellow tgE& flfl to one wbo meets )SBc3KKgÜ I hitn empty handed or w VSwTvi witl1 only tlle same ffifgBtW" i", equipmcnt with before a modern rifle ? Any disease may be deadly enough when you have no adequate meaus at hand to confront it. Plenty of people die every day of curable diseases, simply because the stereotyped, routine, senseless methods and remedies usually employed are not half-way equal to the occasion. But when a truly scientific remedylike Dr. Pierce's great " Golden Medical Discovery" is brought to bear upon the complaints which it is designed to cure, it penetrates the tough hide-bound armor of obstinate disease with the same unerring accuracy and power with which a modern rifle penetrates a savage shield. " I had been doctoring and using patent medicine for about a year and a half, being unable to ■work most of the time," says John I,. Coughenour, Esq-, of Glensavage, Somerset Co., Pa. The doctor said I had heart disease and indigestión. It began with a choking and oppressed feeling in the chest. I seenied to be raw from j my throat clear down iuto my stomach. My appetite was usually poor, and I was as weak ! ana nervous as though I had been starved out for months. My heart kept throbbing contiuually and I was short of breath. " Finally I wrote to' Dr. R. V. Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y., for advice and he informed me that I had indigestión and torpid liver. I did uot think that diagnosis was right, but I ordered six bottles of Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery and began its use. After using three lxttles I I began to improve slowly and soon went to work; and I have been working ever since," For obstinate constipation Dr. Pierce's Heasant Pellets are the most perfect medicine ever devised. They give prompt, comfortable, permanent relief. The Braphophone I ? Is exciting great interest C throughout the country. Many people do not rea L lize how wonderful it is and L J that one could easily mistake an oration, song, banjo or cornet solo produced by it for M L the original. It ieproduces k any sound from the creaking of a door to a symphonie W L orchestra. Records can be bought same as sheet music or a story book for 50c each. L L A good machine costs only $12.00. We do not ask yon to L buy but cali and have a half L lioitr entertainment. k Ann Arbor Music Go., 20S-207 E. WASHINGTON ST. - - - The Three Go Topthr! Women, Beauty and Creto Cream. No Tan, No Freekles, ■ No Pimples, Or Moth Spots Where Creto Cream is used. No lady should be without it. Every jar guaranteed by your own druggist. S. M. CROMBIE YPSILANTI, M1CH. TtÉ Af ujw -h - 6sL? V A lady who purclrased i piano from us at Christtnas time said: " I came near buying a piano somewliere else because you never came to talk piano to us." This shows that we miss many a sale by not liaving agents out to worry the people, but agents cannot live on air, and an average expense connected therewith of it least $25.00 on, each piano, goes to the benefit of tbe customer who will take the trouble to come to our store at 114 W. Liberty sti, Ann Arbor. ## The Schaeberle ...ilusic Store HAIR BALSAM .