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President Angell was yesterday reappointed Tegerit of the Smithsonian Instituto by the house at Washington. The soldiers' relief commission of the county is now soMd republican since the appointment by Judge Newkirk of John J. Fischer to succeed Capt. C. H. Manly. The Western brewery has secured i rs supply of ice of excellent quality. Messrs. Martin & Fischer, tho proprietors, have over 3,760,000 potrada stored in their two ice houses. Representative George S. Wheeler has introduced a bill in the legislature to return the costs and make compensation to innocent persons who have been or may be prosecuted for crime. The grand lodge, A. O. U. W. will hold its regalar meeting in Ann Arbor, Feb. 21. A comraittee was here the other day making the necessary arrangements. The headquarters will be at the Cook house. Ernest Cook who owns the rink which has been used so long as an armory by Co. A, has decided, now that it is to be used no longer as an armory, to change it into a boarding and livery barn and work is being done inside to fit it up for this purpose. Miss Sarah A. Matthews, of 318 S. Ashley st. , died at the hospital this morning between the hours of 9 and 10 o'clock, of heart failure. She had been in poor health for a long time but recently was greatly improved until the attack of a week ago today when she was removed to the hospital. Date of funeral not yet announced. The Daugh!:s of the Revolution elected the fóllmving officers yesterday : Regent, Mrs. .unes B. Angell; vice regent, Mrs. Wm. N. Brown; recording secretary, Mrs. Huldah Richards; corresponding secretary, Mrs. Alice Woodbridge; treasurer, Mrs. Caroline D. Loving; historian, Mrs. W. G. Doty; executive committee, Mrs. H. B. Hutchins, Mrs. J. L. Babcock and Mrs. Josephine H. Murfin. Ex-County Treasurer Rehfuss is making some decided improvements on hia Ahley st. property, across the street west of the American house. He has the walls of a large brick stock barn 33x70 feet up one story now and he proposes to commence work at once on two stores. These will be put up between the new barn aud the house now occupied by Mr. Rehfuss. The frontage of the stores will be 44 feet and they will extend back 70 feet. They will fill the entire space between the new barn and the rear of the house. Mr. Rehfuss will use these stores for packing purposes. Work will be cornmenced on them at once. Yesterday afternoon from half past four until six, the teachers of the Philip Bach school gave a reception to the members of the board and their wives, and the teachers of the city. It was their house warming for the nesv school. Shades were drawn and banquet lamps and Japanese lanterns were artistically disposed throughout the building. Rugs and easy chairs, cut flowers, palms, ferns and other plants helped to transform the school into a real rcception hall. Delicious refreshinente were served at attractive little tables, and an informally good time was enjoyed by all. The Philip Bach school is one that Aun Arboi ïuay well be proud of, and the teachers of the building have done everything possiblé to make a handsome school still more attiactive, by pretty decorations. From Saturday's Daily Argus. One of the Detroit cars broke au axle ïear the city limits last night. Max Wittlinger and Chas. M. Baniield, who were left at Knoxville -m the sick Mst, rejoined the Sist Michigan at Savannah yesterday. Mis Win. Morton left her purse conraiuing $20 and sonie valuable papers nu a Detroit car last evening and had t returned to her by the conductor who fotmd it. Porter J. MeCumber, vho was yesterday elected to Lhe United States senate iu North Dakota, to succeed Senator Roach, is an oíd time gradúate of the law department of the U. of M. Charles T. Tryon, the senior literary student, who was burned while acciug as Santa Claus at the Baptist church Christmas entertaimuent, has so far recovered that he will be able to leave the hospital next Monday. John Mulheron was fined $2 and $5.35 costs for being drank on the streets yesterday afternoon. He paid. He was a big fellow, who Uves about (50 miles from here and was visiting a son in tho hospitals aud the officers were obliged to get a hack to take him to jail. He also paid 75 cents for a foot rest belonging to M. HalIer whieli lie broke. From Monday's Daily Argus. The game of football was introduced in Michigan University about 1870. Chas. A. Sauer & Co. have prepared plans for a $3,500 residence for Eugene J. Koch. Mrs. Catherine A. Young, of' this city, has been granted a widow'a pension of $12. Major John F. Kirk has been granted a leave of absence from b(8 regiment uutil Jan. 31, by which tiine bis resignation will undoubtedly be accepted. Among the subscribers to the fnnd for the Detroit bicentenary at the meeting Saturday night were the following former citizená of Ann Arbor: W. W. Hannan, $500 ; S. T. Douglas, $500; James A. Robison, $100; J. T. Jacobs, $-r)0: W, L. Jaunary, $50. The Keystone club has purchased iu ice boat and placed it on Zukey Lake where the membera expect to gct lots of good sport oat of it. Mr. and Mis. Henry Schneider, of Ypsilanti, are the happy parents of u boy. Mrs. Schneider is a sister of Mrs. Sid W. Millard of this city. Dr. Nolun removed a 14 pound fibroid tumor from the breast of a valHable horse belonging to Wm, Holzapfel, of Lima, yesterday. The animal seems to be doing well. Alva Garbeth, aged 31, was the first visitor at the conrt house this morning and he applied for a marriage license to Louise Kalmbach aged 22. This is the cotiple in whose presence Alva Ragar committed suicide at midnight a week ago Saturday night. Rev. J. T. Sunderland, of Oakland, Cal., recently of this city, preached against the adoption of the treaty with Spain a week ago Sunday. He said : "If a republic adopts imperialistic principies it ceases to be a republic. It passes from the ranks of freedom to the ranks of tyxanny. " The Detroit Free Press says that a number of important beet sugar plants will be uuder way in this state by spring and nientions as localities where thcre ia but little doubt the success of the projects, Mt. Clemens, Rochester, Pontiac, Saginaw, Bay City, Lapeer, Ann Arbor, Caro, Owosso and Bad Axe. Justice Beatcher, of Springwells. has commenced suit for $100 d;images vgainst the D. , Y. & A. A. road, because the motorm au did not stop the car at his residence when he rang the bell, but carried him a mile past it, compelling him and two members of his faiuily to walk back iu a iaiu storm. President C. K. Adams, of Wisconsin, formerly professor of history here, is ont iu au address favoring expansion. He says that instead of being imperialism, 'it is simply the benevolent substitntiou of republican method for the govermnent of a people that nave never known auything but the dominance of cruelty. ' ' James A. Robison, secretary to Mayor Maybury, of Detroit, formerly deputy cotinty clerk, has just received 50 pounds of French documents on paving in Paris, in reply to a letter of inquiry he seut a year ago. Jim must be a better French scholar than he was when here, if he extracts much iuformatioú from the documents. Rey. Mr. Orooker in his sermon in the Unitarian church last evening gave an eloqueut preseutatiou of his views ou expansion. He believed iu that expansion which comes from business trade aud cornmerce, fearing that expansion by conquest would be disastrous to us materially, demoralizing politically and -sveaken the mora, influences of the great republic amoug the uatious of the world. Prof. Dean C. Worcester has selected P. L. Sherman, Ph. D., who has been instructor iu general chemistry in the nniversity since 1895, for secretary of the Philippines commission. Dr. Sherman graduated from the U. of M. iu 1891 and the same year went to Mxinich -where he took his doctors' degree in 1895. He is an intimate friend of Prof. Worcester and this together with his special knowledge of mineralogy secured the place for him. When not occupied with his duties to the commission he will act as private secretaxy to Prof. Worcester. While the salary has not been fixed it will be sufficiently large to make the positiou desirable. The commission -will sail from Seattle on Jan. 30.