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Presented To The School Commissioner By The Teachers

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A word to those'wko fight the battle for bread, or competence, or ivealík. . M- IBi. T T l WTk T T" á" tCy demands brains; .■■ - - '-- - - _J tfm I I t I kl E 41 k . i also requires ■- j Sbfe-? ■ 1 I ü i AW The man with Wl'llBtSSmmmSmWyíTfS called gastritis, or bronchitis, or Bright's disease, . coMumption, but it is all caterrh. Write to the Pe-ru-na Medicine Company, Columbus, O., for one of Dr. Hartman S books, and get the truth about catarrh. You will find it a revelation. The lollowing letter f rom F. J. Lowell, Aurora, Ia., is a practical illustration of the virtues of Pe-ru-na. i?r)EAKJir-'rtookVour Pe-ni-na íor about two months according to directiontand can t, uï sathat I consider myselí cured of caterrb of twelve , yea' Btanding. I onlv took two bottles. It is a wonderful mécheme for catarrh. If I ever live any inore trouble with catarrh I wjfl most assuredly take Pe-ra-na. It is the only medicine I ever took that did me any good J'é-ru-na acted hke magic in my case. I believe it is the best medicino on earth for catarrh. Mr. LowelVs opinión of Pe-ru-na is no exception. Multitudes vouch for it.