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The Kirk Inquets.

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The coroner's jury iu the Beruard Kirk inqnest at Ypsilauti Wednesday afternoon returned the following verdict: "That Beruard Kirk carue to lis deatli while standing on asidewalk u the city of Ypsilanti Saturday, Jan. 21, between the honra of 2 and 3 p. na., lis death beiug caused by the falling ou him of a teinporary shed built by he Detroit, Ypsilauti & Ann Arbor railroad ou E. Congress st. , iu said ;ity. From the evideuce adduced we fiud said shed to have beeu very weakly md improperly coustrncted. " Four witnesses were examiued by Coroner B. F. Watts Weduesday. Isaac Davis was about 100 feet away when the arcideut occurred. He heard the crash tnit before he got there so many )eople were there that he did not assist n raising the debris. The wind was blowing a little, but not very strong. Johu Perry, colored, stopped at the shed ou Friday, the day before it feil. While he was there some bricks feil and the shed weaved. He remarked at the rime that people had better keep away from the sbed or somebody would get hurt. Fred Basnm passed the shed several timos a day. After the bricks were taken ont, it didn't look safe to hini. Fred J. Griffin the contractor, testified that he ordered the shed built. He didu' have supervisión of the building and supposed it had been doue according to bis orders but he didu 't kuow. He was doing the job of building for the railroad compauy aud was working on a perceutage. The jury took a recess of half au hour to examine the sceue of the accident. They looked for evidence of the posts of the shed having been toenailed to the walk, but fouud ouly tvvo or three nail holes. Tlie jury was oueof tlie best coroner's juries which ever sat in tuis county. It was couiposed of ex-Mayor Harlow D. Wells, ex-Ald. George M. Gaudy, City Clerk James E. AlcGregor, Geo. W. Al ban, a leading clothier, exOoroner Harrison Ball and Franklin J. Fletcher.