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A Long Felt Want

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Mrs. Mnry Colliiis Whiting, Aun Arbor's woiniiu lawyerj has coinnienced a snit for $20,000 damages against the Detroit, Grand Rapids and Western R. U. She is the plaintifl' in the case herself and has employed Hon. A. J. Sawyer as her attorney, Avho filed the declaration in the clerk's office this afternoon. She sets forth that on Nov. 25, 1898, she bonght a flrst class ticket from Howard City to the village of Shiloh a distance of 40 miles, that the ear into which she was ushered was nofc a regular passenger car biit a caboose or way car, divided into two compartments one commonly used by the employees containing benches, ohairs. a stove and lire. The other apartmpnt into which she was ushered was without furnitnre or the usual geats. The weather was exceedingly cold and inclementand the carexposed. The cars in going from Howard City to Shiloh, stopped for a long space of time, placed in the bill at one hour, and she was allowed to remain in the nncomfortable, cold, exposed, inelement and uuwarmed car. With the other passeugers she was allowed to enter the apartment of the employees aad took an arm chair near the stove. While there auother car was violen tl y pnsbed into the caboose causing it to ■suddenly start in consequence of which she was "instautly overturned and with great force throwu backwards into the air tipon the iioor of said ear and upou the tiruber, wood bars of iron, car liuks, car pins, coupling pins and other daugerous articles then and there sitúate aud being whereby she then and there received suudry wouuds, brnises, coutusions, congestions, concussious, lacerations and other temporary and permanent injuries to her limbs, body, head and brain. Froni all of which she Bthl does suffer great pain and angnish and will be forced to do so during the balance of her natural life. She further claims that she was "in great measure deprived of her mental and physical ability and prevented from attending to her ocoupation, and profession and has been put to great cosí and expense.