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Let All Contribute.

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The Detroit Fren Press speakiug of the idea promnlgated at varióos times iu the Detroit News and Tribune of moving the uuivorsity to Detroit as welí as the state capital ou the occasion oí' the bicenteiiary celebratiou rises to the occasion iii these words; Au euthusiastio bicèntenary suggester comes forward with a moving propositiou. Celébrate Ohevalier Oadillac'a visit to these -horos 2Q0 years ago, Bnggests he, by briugiii" the University of Michigan froin Auu Arbor to Detroit for a sojourn of a few centuries. It will add buildings, business, brains, circulating medium, class PracaSes, fair renowji and wild and impetnous student rushes to the features of this towu. Besides, it is immaterial to Cadillac whether the uuiversity remains at Auu Arbor ör comes to the city. Trne and nofc a pity. With the plans for the transfer of the capital to Detroit already outlined and with the wheels set to rolling under the university after the fashion of portable county seats in the Dakotas, we can look for something distiuctive, entirely new and of a just-came-to-town order in 1901 Bnt dow that Ann Arbor and Lansiug have been callëd npou to contribute soniethiug substantial and inapertaut, what are other cities of the state doing toward making the bicèntenary a stato affair? Will Grand Rapids tender the Soldiers' Home? Aud Sault Ste. Marie her seething rapids? Aud the North Shore its precious copper miues? Nothing will stimulate interest and co-operation iu our celebration so much in every section of the state as to havo it understood that every city aud hamlet will be expected to move the best thing it bas to Detroit at the earliest possible moment. The faith of somo of the idea commissioners of the bicèntenary seems to be suffleient to remove mountains, uuiversities, capitals and other ponderous and long-established things.