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Kinne Withdraws

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A Detroit Evening News dispatch f rom this city says: Wheu President Angelí beard of the plan of nioving the U. of M. to Detroit he expressed bis disapproval iu vigor - ous terms. "Perfect nonsense," h' declared : "every once in so ofteu éome oue will think up some absurd plan like this. The uuiversiíy is here, and I'in in favor of lettiug it stay here to the end of time. ' ' He even said that Aun Arbor is a better place anyhow, setting aside the nudesirability of moving, aud that] the advantages so mnch talked of are small in comparisou with the disadvautage.". The only department with auy special leaúing toward the scheme seems to be the medical. Some of the doctors admit guardedly that the hospital training would be urach improved. Prof. Richard Hudson, deán of the literary departmeut said that the reported feeliug among members of the literary faculty iu favor of removing the tiuiversity to Detroit must be a matter of very isolated opinión. He thought that the suburbau electric railway service between Detroit and Aun Arbor had made the reinoval more unlikelv thiiu bef ore.