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To Raise Their Debt

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Prof. Day, of the Yalo theological school, of New Haven, yesterday complained to the pólice that his copy of Martin Day's famons "Doorusday Book" had been stolen. The book was printed in Ifilü, and only a few copies are in existence. It is oue of the most váluabié books ia America. Sergt. Daley, of the detective bureau, snggested that perbaps it miht be fouud in the collection of stolen books fouud in the possession of Rev. Janus Brittain Miller, the Yale theological schoul student from Ypsilanti, Mich., who was arrested last moutb. A éearch revealed the precious volume lying in a pile of French novéis od the iloor of the pólice station. - :;-_:;', " Miller's trial began yesterday. He is charge with sfealing ."5,000 books.