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Masón City, la., Jan. 26. - After two days of cross-examination of Jesse Goude, the state's principal witness against Mrs. Josie Hughes, who is ' charged with the murder of her husband, he was turned over for his redirect examination. Judge Cliggett, in his closing questioning, bitterly arraigned the witness for his conductwith defendant previous to her husband's death. It was the most fierce and scathing der.ouneement ever heard in a court room. Goude stood the denunoiation without a blush. On all main points of his tesiimoïïy, jshic' ís ciamagjng, he did not flinclí. At one time he stafed fo the defendant: "You know and I know that i Ed did not die from heart disease." He could not be induced to teil what his knowledse was or to make any explajiation of it.