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oiiuw was pneci iu feet mgn in the streets of Marquette yesterday. A horse belonging to M. Wurster, of Scio, suddenly dropped dead this afternoon on Ashley st., jnst south of the American house. Representative Stumpenhusen has introduced a bilí in the house giving members of rural cemetery associations the right to vote on sniall shares. Representative Sturnpenhnsen, of Ypsilanti, has been made a member of the executive committee of the Legislative Farmers' Club, which comprises 30 members. Senator Ward introduced a bill yesterday amending the charter cf, Ypsilanti and also another bill for the incorporation of churches of the evangelical association. Attorney General Oren is endeavoring to oust Mrs. Merrie Abbott from the prosecuting attorneyship of Ogemaw country. Both are graduates of the law department. The numerous candidates for city clerk, if selected, would firid that they would have to bustle to keep the records of the city clerk's office in as good shape as they now are. John Glenn, Fred Halstead and Patrick Tierney, three men who were in an intoxicated condition on the streets, were sent to jail yesterday afternoon by Justice Duffy for l0 days each. Thomas Wilkinson, jr. , of Chelsea, in Co. M, 19th U. S. regulars, who was to have started to rejoin his regiment in Porto Rico yesterday, has been honorably discharged from the service. Rembert Jrmos has resigned his position as in the Ann Arbor post office to which he was recently appointed and Oyde Elliott, the next man on the civil service list has been appointed to fill the vacancy thus created. Gen. Geo. Spalding, the congressman from this district, was one of the speakers at the Bnrns banquet in Washington Wednesday evening and in responding for the president of the United States made the hit of the eveninsr. Representative George S. Wheeler, of this county, has introducid a bilí in the house of representatives yesterday suspendiug the payment of the beet stigar bounty to factories in this state whieb become amalgamated with any trust or combine. The senate yesterday passed the bill authorizing the city of Ann Arbor to construct a system of sewers and legalizing the assessment rolls. This act was made necessary by the decisión of the supreme court in the case brought by the Ford estate. The two children of the late Cassius M. Osgood, Frank G. Osgood, of Chicago, and Mrs. W. F. Waite, of Menominee, will sign over their interests in this estáte to their stepmother, Mrs. O. M Osgood, who has been a good inother to them and is thus recognized by this somewhat unusual action. Among the improvemente that have recently been made at the University hospital is the completion of a large permanent ice box in the service building. This is arranged with a compartmènt 'for the storing of meats, another for milk, bntter, etc. , and a third for canhed fruits, apples, lemons, etc. The ice compartment will hold a week's snpply of ice. The report having been recently circulated in the public press that the Homeopathie State Society desires the removal of the Homeopathie department to Detroit it is interesting to note that at the last meeting of this society a vote of confldence in the faculty and its adininistration of the affairs of the college in Ann Arbor was passed without a disaenting vote. A meeting of the republican connty committee was held today and a date fixed for the county convention. It will be held in this city on Feb. 16. This conveution is called for the purpose of naming 1 9 delegates to the republican state convention which is to be held in Jackson, March 1, and 19 delegates to the" judicial convention the date for which has not yet been fixed, and to noininatf a candidato for school commissioner. Mrs. Jacob Heinzmann, died at the home of her sou, John Heinzmann, on W. Washington st. , at 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon aged 82 years. Her maiden name was Catherine Duttonhofer and she was born in Wurtemberg, Germany. She was married to Mr. Heinzmann in Germany. Together they eruigrated to this country in 1847. They first settled in Ohio and in 1851 came to this city, where Mr. Heinmann died three or f our years ago. They had six children, four sons and two daughters. Mrs. Heinzmann was a kind mother and a good woman. The funeral services will be held at the house on Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock. From Seturday's Daily Argus. The JBell Telephone Co. have a lot of people here putting up a new cable. Today Senator Charles A. Ward sold his stock in the Democrat Publishing Co. to Eugene K. Frueauff, thus severing his connection with the company. Charles Rooney, of this city, has joined the 3d U. S. cavalry. He was a member of the 33d Michigan and has been in the Santiago battle. He evidently liked soldiering so well that he bas eiilisted with the regulars: Gov. Piugree bas commissioned Capt. James M. Holloway, of Adrián, as major of the Sist Michigan to succeeed Major John P. Kirk resigned. This leaves Capt. Ross Granger the senior captain of the regiment. M. T. Woodruff, of the Yrsilanti Sentinel, issued the flrst number of the Manistee Journal yesterday We haven 't Reen a copy yet, but we nave no doubt it is democratie to the core. Richard L. Flynn returned this morning. He served in the 31st Michigan and afterwards in charge of the Y. M. C. A. tent at Knoxville. He wil] resume his work at the university. Judge Kinne's work in Detroit yesterday consisted of appointing a receiver in one case and discharging one in another, making decrees in four other cases, issuing orders in three cases and with another case in progress before him when the court adjourned for the day. Posted up asheld for postage in the Ann Arbor post office today are three letters having on thern internal revenue stamps. This makes it proper again to remark that a revenue stamp is not a postage stamp and will not carry a letter. Yon might as well put it iu the flre as on your letter. Prom Mondav's Daily Argus. There will be a musical service iu St. Andrews church Sunday evening. Dr. and Mrs. Darling are rejoicing over a 10 pound boy since yesterday. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Oscar F. Schmid, of Jackson, this morning, a daughter. The fire department was called out last evening by a chimney fire over Boyle's grocery on Broadway. Mr. and Mrs. Dean Seabolt are rejoicing over a little daughter which arrived yesterday and weighs 10 pounds. Rev. E. D. Kelly has opened an office in the new St. Thomas church, with office hours from 5 to 6 p. m. and from 7 to 9 a. m. Prof. B. M. Thompson, of the law department, will address the Farmers' Institute to be held iu Marshall, Feb. 13, on "Early English Community Farming. " Born to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Masten, of E. Ann st. , yesterday, a 10 pound boy. Charles wears a broad smile and is passing around the cigars this morning. Representative Stumpenhusen, being a member of the committee on mines and minerals, left with the other legislators on the Michigan Central for the upper peninsula last night. The Cook house barber shop has changed hands, S. C. and Don A. Stark being the new proprietors. "Spot" Pacquette has gone to Lexington, Ky. , where he bas a position in the Reed house. John Kelly was arrested by Marshal Sweet for carrying concealed weapons. He did not deny the charge when Justice Duffy stated the matter fuïly. He was given a sentence of 60 days in the county jail. Selby A. Moran has moved the Ann Arbor Register office into the Opera House block, his composing and pressroom being in the basement back of the Times office. His business office will be with the Times. . E. C. Howard, of Whittaker, was in the city today. He left for Lansing this afternoon, where he will take a position in the auditor genefal's office bezinning. Feb. 1. He was formerly town clerk of Augusta. Amoflg the graduates of the training school of Saginaw, e. s. , who received their diplomas on Friday, were Miss Amelia Huss, formerly of this city, and Miss Augusta Hesse, granddaughter of the late Conrad Kiapfi Judge Kinne finished up his week!s work in Detroit Saturday by granting three divorces and hearing the testimony in a fourth divorce suit, appointing a receiver, dismissing a bill, signing two decrees and staying two decrees and staying the proceedings in a contení pt case. George R. Wendling, who was to lecture before the S. L. A on Feb. 4, has been transferred to Ypsilanti and will speak in Normal hall on "Mirabeau and the French Revolution. " The change was made because of the fact that Hon. W. Bonrke Cockran is'to speak in the S. L. A. course on the above mentioned date. William Corey, of Ellis st., Ypsilanti, without coat or vest, a straw hat on his head and a revolver in his hand started out Saturday to look for Marshal Hison, of Ypsilanti. He was temporarily insane from sickness and had the delusion that the marshal was the cause of his troubles. He was overpowered and taken home. School districts numbers four, seven and eight, of Ann Arbor township held an entertainment and contest last Friday evening which was largely attended by the patrons of the schools. Kate Jetter was awarded the prize for the best recitation and Eddie Jetter was pronounced the best speller with Roy Killam a close second. Everybody was pleased with the entertainment. Judge Kinne heard several motions in the circuit conrt today. An order was granted providing for the sale of 184 descriptions of land for unpaid taxes in this county March (5. The motion to dissolve the injunction in the case of Dixon vs. Dixon, was taken under advisement after arguments had been submitted as was a motion for a new trial made by the plaintiff in the case of Luke Kettle vs. Lester H. Canfield, et. al. The self registering thermometer of Dr. William W. Nichols placed at his office window in the Ann Arbor Savings Bank block, showed yesterday 7 degrees below zero and this morning zero. Yesterday was the coldest day of the season. At noon today the thermometer was one degree lower than at 7 a. m., when it was 11 degrees above on the glass at the Eberbach drug store. Dr. Nichols does not think the fruit buds have so far been injured in any way.