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Whitmore Lake

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Sixty-two conples attended th Woodman hop at the Clifton house o Friday night. Oiie-haK of the population are suffer ing with the grip aud the other hal don't feel well thomselves. Twenty-three attended the Ladies Aid at Mrs. Holmes' on Weduesday afteruoou and had a good time. Wednesday of last weekjall the ice companies stopped business until the weather got colder as it was up hill work handliug the ice in jts soft condition. Geo. Rauschenberger has decided to make uot only nice improveraents but substantial ones also. He will put steel sides and ceiling and a new inaple floor. These ceilings of steel will be as white as suow and everlasting. O. D. Moore has taken a contract to load y, 500 cars of ice at this place for the Toledo Ice Co. Mr. Moore has brought his Hamburg Junction crew here and is loading 60 cars per day at present and as the weather hardens up will plan to transit 100 cars daily. He is a hustler froni way back. Superintendent O. D. Moore has filled the Toledo plant at Hamburg Junction, putting iu 18,000 tons of ice and a reception was tendered him by the employees. These houses were filled ou Saturday night and on Tuesday evening every man got his pay and there was not one complaint made and 117 men were paid,off. One hundred of Toledo's representative men were invited to Whitmore Lake by the Toledo Ice Co. to look over their plant at Whitmore Lake. A special train under the supervisión of Mr. J. J. Kirby was placed at their disposal and a jollier lot of men were never assem bied.. Tbey took our town by storm and it taxed the ingenuity of Landlord Stevens, of the Lake house, to appease their ravenous appetites. After which the party was called to order in the Lake honse parlors when J. J. Kirby, acting as toastmaster, jollied the boys all up by showing there were underground passages between Whitmore Lake, Silver Lake and Zukey Lake, and he said in order to so demónstrate that this was so that three years ago while fishing in Zukey Lake he canght a 2-pound bass, punched a hole in its tail and wired in a small tin tag, and last summer while angling in Whitmore Lake he got a tremendous bite which propelled his boat half way across the lake and finally he landed a 6-pound bass with this identical tag in his tail. This he said deroonstrated beyond a peradventure that tbe underground passages exist. -