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Oeorge Mast has purchased the 8iégelmeyer poperty on Mary 8t Chrig Doanelly, mcranted carrier of tbe post office, had his nose quite badly fïoet bitten yesterday. There were a nnmber of frozen eara at Znkey Lake yesterday among the workmen cutting ice. WiHim Qoetz and John Goetz, jr. , have sotó teir 128 acre farm to John Oowan at $60 an acre. Dr. William W. Nichols' eelf registering thermometor last night registered. 1 1 degrees below zero. Do yau want to sell your honse? If yon wish to have a cnstomer advertise it in the Argns want column. Do not delay. The junior hop has ceased to bea fraternity affair and tha independents will take a largex part this year than ever before. At the meeting of the Ann Arbor Oonrt, No. 1,651, I. O. F., two new members were initated into the mysteries of the order. Oity Treasnrer Edward Seyler is preparing to follow delinquent tax payers with a warrant. He has a knife sharpened for scalps. Dr. A. S. Warthin has beeu given a $50 prize by the Philadelphia Medical Jonrnal for an essay on "The Pathology of the Pacinian Corpnscle. " A letter bas been received from L. D. Carr, who left for Bagley, Iowa, to attend the bedside of a sick brother, Etating that his brotber died Snnday morning. Mr. Oarr is expected home tonight. The remaius of RoyChester who died in Lansiug yesterday were bronght here at noon today and taken to ñis mother's home, 526 N. Fifth ave. The funeral will be held from the honse tomorrow at 3 o'clock. A platform for the scales at the Ann Arbor depot bas been built, to accornmodate the weighing of excess baggage. It is on a level with the baggage wagons, and saves considerable muscular exertion for Baggage Master Eldert. Hial Duall Rockwell, son of James H. and Emma E. Rockwell, aged 20 years and 16 days, died this morning of appendicitis. He was attending the law department. His parents were with Min at the time of his death. The remaius were taken on the 4:58 Michigan Central train to his old home for interment. The law students in a body accompanied the remains to the depot. The Towar Creamery Co., which operates the old Allen farm on the Whitmore Lake road, has donated $200 towards the bicentenary celebration in Detroit in 1901. E. F. Sbeeley, representativo of James S. Kirk Soap Co., went north on the Ann Arbor road. Mr. Sheeley looked over Ann Arbor and Detroit for a residence, aml after living in the former place fnr a short time removed to this city, beinfí eonvinced it was the best city for a traveling man to live in. lts advantages are so great thatif every merchant wonld constitnte himself a committee of one, to labor with the traveling men that cali, the present largo number would be largely increased. Mr. and Airs. Henry Owen, of S. State st , entertained very delightfnlly, a number of their Ypsilanti friends Friday evening with progressivepedro. The party included Mr. and Mrs. Clareuce Bray, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Miller, Mr. and Mrs. He"ry Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Cassius Warner, Mr. and Mrs. Samnel Fletcher, Mr. and Mrs. Roe, Mr. and Mrs. Thompson, Mrs. Rogers, Mrs. Diokinson, Misses Anna Chalmers, Harriett Woolcott, Anna Warnet and Meesra BertSlayton, Sewly, Davia and Weston. After the bountiful lnnoh had received attention, a fine musical program was carried ont. This morning at 6 :80 o'clock Mrs. Mary Merkle, widow of John Canpar Merkle, who was ' buried Sund'ay, breathed her last. Sbe was conscious at thé time of ti&g funeral, although very sick aa vas maiitioued in yesterday's Argtw. After tne funeral he bec,azne vvorse and. did pot know her chiidren nrrounding her bedside. 8he was conaidered serioiisly JU, but her immediate death was unexpected. Her maiden name was Deible. She was 7É! years old. Five cbildren snrvive her, of whom one son Pred and daughter Louise, wife of Johu Ziegler, are residents of tbis city, 'The time of the tuueral will be annóunced later. Prom Wedoesdy' Daily Arei. Th Ann Arbor Brewing Ca is today harveating the iourth erop of ice off its pond. Tbe qnality of the ice ia first claai. Samnel Taylor, Charles Jones, Fred "Smith and Patriok Bolliver were sent &( jail yesterday for 10 days each for being drank on the troots. The ladies of the Northside are preparing to give one of their splendid suppers on Washington 'a brrthday for the benefit of the new churoh. John Scanion, of Oincinnati, Ohio, arrived in town yesterday and this afternoon waa sent to jail for 10 days for being drrmk ón the streets. He said ho was an i re ont ter. The Bell TeleplKme Co. is engaged at present in putting np 7,000 feet of cable between the exchange and the nnivrsity. Fonr tbonsand feet of additional cable are to be put up. On Saturday uext, Hon. W. Bonrke Cochran, of New York, will speak in University hall ou "Militarism and Wages" in the S. L. A. course. He is one of the great orators of the country. Yesterday at the annnal elections held iu Detroit, Christian Mack was re-elected a director of the Michigan Fire & Marine Ins. Co. and B. J. Conrad a director of the Michigan Mutual Life Ins. Co. The Ann Arbor railroad will build a new steel bridge over the Raisin here, the present one is considered too light for the large and heavy traffic that passes over it. The pile driver is now here to drive piles for the supporters of the new structure while being erected. - Dundee Reporter. Cashier S. W. Clarkson of the First National Bank says that if the Argus desires to créate a seusation, it will onlv be necossary to report his thermometer, huug up on the northeast coruer of his residence on Tappan st. This morning it showed 15 degrees below zero and yesterday morning 25 degrees below. He thinks his glass is getting ready for warm weather. The followiug Kalamazoo youug ladies have been invited to the juuior hop of the U. of M., Feb. 10. The names of the fraternity houses where they will be entertained are as follows Miss Winifred Knight, Alpha Delta Phi; Miss Madge Bnrnham, Psi U Miss Kate Kidder and Miss Louise Miller, Sigma AJpha Epsilon: Miss Mabel Mills, Phi Kappa PM; Miss Margaret Cobb, Delta Upsilon; Miss Edith Osborn, Phi Delta Phi. Mrs W. E. Kidder will chaperone the party. - Kalamazoo News. It takes considerable fuel to heat the city of Ann Arbor. Thirty cars of bituminous coal are bronght to Ann Arbor every day, soine of which, however, is transferred to the Michigan Central. Dtxring the winter the city consumes 10 car loads of wood per day which is brought here from the north by the Ann Arbor road. Eighteen htindred to two thonsand cars of anthracite coal are burned, which is transported by the Michigan Central. Citizen says that in weighing the question of establishing a sngar beet factory in Ann Arbor the supply of beets must be taken into consideration. Not only is the land about Ann Abor most suitable but also there is a large area of land lying north on the Ann Arbor road which is particularly adapted for the purpose, being a sand underlaid with clay. There is no question the supply of beets will be large enongh. What is most wanted is the factory. Prom Yesterday'a Daily Argus. Mr. and Mrs. Archie Miller are rejoicing over a little boy that was bom last Monday. It ia reported that Deputy Railroad Commissioner Judson is confined to the house with illnesa. Glover & Sweet have thia week shipped machines for drilling holes in steel rgjla to Paris and Havre, France. The Rev. H. P. Horton will remain here for another year as curator at Harris hall and aseistant at St Audre-w's church. . Fred Corwin, of ïï. Ashlej . et. , switehman on the Aun Árbor road, had two fingers ent off Tuesday oight white coupling cars. There is no aaseesment for February in the A. O. U. W. insurance order. This i a good nhowing and one which will no donbt rejoice the heart of the members. Hon. Williaxn Ball, of Hamburg, is chairman of the premium committee o: the State Fair Association, and W. E Boyden, of Webster, has been made a member of the committee. The subject at the Adventist chnrch nest Sunday evening, Feb. 5, is "Wh changed the Sabbath from Saturday t Sunday?" The church is located a the corner of Litterty and División sts B. St. James is having his store re painted, papered and made generally t conform with the beauty and perfec tion of the goods apon his shelves. H is evidently preparing for a busy year The Michigan Furniture Co. is re ceiving a large quantity of hardwooc lumber at the present time. lts stoc of dry lumber has been mach depletec by the large amount of goods zuanufac tured last year. Daniel Youugs, aged 75 years, on of the old pioneers of Ann Arbor town ship, died this morning. The fuñera services will be held at his late resic ence Saturday morning at 10 o'clock Interment in Fairview cemetery. Evart Scott yesterday received a telegram from his brother Rauney that he and his sister, Mrs. Carter, had arrived in San Francisco on their return from the Sandwich Islands. They are expeoted to arrive in Aun Arbor the middle of next week. The firemen were called out this afternoon by a blaze at the Capt. Janes house, corner of Mouroe and E. University ave. It is understood that the fire began in the floor of the third story. The house was not burued down but the exteut of the damage is not known. Clarence B. Dixon, who was recently divorced from hiswife, Mary E. Dixon, has settled the matter of alimony which he was required to pay by deeding bis wife bis real estáte, consisting of a house and lot on Lincolu ave. and giving her a bilí of Bale of liis entire personal property. W. W. Wedemeyor, of the law iirm of Cavanaugh & Wedemeyer, is niuch in demand as a speaker. He is dowu on the program for a speech Feb. 10, at the meeting of the repnblican club at Pontiac, and Feb. 13 in Kalamazoo. Mr. Wedemeyer while in the nniversity xeceived special recognition for his eifts in oratory. The Sist Michigan volanteer inaiitry arrived at Cienfnegos, Cuba, esterday noon. Some of the boys liad uffered annoyauce from the continued nMiaps since the transport left the uited States, bnt when they saw the hores of Cuba and realized that linering aaticipatinns were about to be 'nlfllled all thoughts of past hardships ud inconveuiences were immediately ispelled. All the boys are in the best f health and the debarkation will jegin as soon as arrangements can be ornpleted. John McElroy, oue of the snbstantial armers of Northfield, was in the city esterday. He is getting ready to hold n atiction preparatory to moving into ;he city. He intimates that he is so mpressed with the vvildness and rush f city life thatfbefore building or buyng a home here will rent, so as to ïave time to study np the most desirble place tor a permanent abode. Mr. McElroy is a most desirable citizen nd he will be welcomed to the city, veryone feeling proud of having him s a neighbor. The man who appears in University all next Saturday night and delivers an ration on Militarism and Wages, is ue who is particularly famous as an rator. Many great men in science, ,ÍournalÍ8ru or diplomacy do not appear well when they try to lecture. Vith Cochran vre inay rest assnred that oor highest expectations will be realized. Future generations will class him with Vebster, Calhoun, Clay, Phillips, 3ryan, the shiniug lights of American ra tors. Every feature and physical quality )espeak the power that lies dormant n him and springs forth in eloquence.