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Two Passenger Coaches Burned

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A fire broke ont on Friday afternoon in a passenger coach of the Aun Arbor road standing on a sidetrack nst by the elevator of Heinzmann & janbengayer. It belonged to the train which runs to Toledo in the morning and back at noon. The train was a ittle late today bnt when it was sideracked everything was all right. The ire caught from the stove and when irst seen was but a small blaze. The nside of the car bcing as dry as a ánder box but little time was required or the whole inside to become aflame. Che fire department responded with ,he greatest promptuess, but when it arrived the flames were breaking hrough the si3es and roof. The whole nside of the car was burned out. Tbe end of the baggage car nearest the passenger coach was also considerably damaged. A freight car standing beiween the burning coach and the eleva;or was also set on fire but it was put out without any very great damage. The elevator of Heinzmann & Laubengayer had a close cali. It is covered with corrugated iron but the fire became so hot that the woodwork under the iron covering was set on fire and some of the iron covering had to je torn off to put out the fire. It was a narrow escape for one of Ann Arbor's ndustries which aids in drawing the farmers trade to the city. The cars cost when new $6,500 each. Che frame work of the passenger coach s a complete loss, amounting probably o 2,000. The combination coach and baggage car was damaged probably o the e.xtent of $500.