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Crowded Hospitals

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The Grand Rapids Herald correspondent in Ann Arbor, has the following to say about the hospital faoilities and general library of the university. He evidently believes that the institution belongs to the whole people of tbe state. Eight years ago the newspaper correspondents were -writing about the completion of the new hospitals of the University of Michigan; today they are writing about their crowded condition and the want of room. This shows how well the expenditure of the money has been appreciated by the people of the state. As the country becomes more enlightened, the more do th citizens of the state realize that a modern hospital is not only the best, but also the most comfortable place at which to be sick. Every citizen of the state, be he or she ever so poor, is entitled to admission to the hospitals, upon the order of the directors of the poor or supervisors. The district from which sucb patiƫnt comes has only the expense of transportation and board, which is $5 per week. This covers not only treatment but also surgical operations. At the present time, both the allopathic and homeopathio hospitals are so f uil that beds must be engaged in advance. The question of asking of the legislature by tbe university authorities for more buildings is not yet decided, as some other matters seem more important, but it wonld not be out of the way if the legislature insisted upon more hospital room. The university bindery in charge of Will Hollands has proved a very good investment. There is a large amount of binding and all delays through sending books, files of newspapers and pamphlets away, is now avoided, and ;he binding is well done. Some years ago at the meeting of the Michigan Editorial Association a resoution was passed that each editor present the general library with a file 3f his paper. Many editors have done so, but there are still many who have aot. Sending files of papers, old books, pamphlets, etc, to the general library means that these donations are bound ind placed in fire proof vanlts, always iccessible to the students and general public.