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William Mulholland was triad iu Jüstice Duffy's court tbis nioruing on a charge of assaulting bis wife. This nnhappy maniage is of seven years uration and three times Mulhollaud ïas been arrested on this same charge. 'he assault was claimed to have been cöïnmitted on Ohristmas day. The Touble between the husband and wife rose originally over his failnre to take lis wife to a family party at a cousins which he had promised to attend two months before. Mrs. Mnlholland wore that he got mad about it, burned up her little danghters box aud when he tried to save it he threw her against a table, wound his haud in her hair and pulled her about by it and when she ried to hold on to something he pnlled ut great quantity of hair and threw t on the floor. She tried to piek up ;he hair and he threw her down and gathering up the hair threw it into the tove. She detailed various assaults, ailure to support, the calliug of vile names, etc. Her testimony was ooroborated by Frank Andrés, oue of the most comical vvitnesses on the stand in a long time. He swore that Mulholland tried to get hirn to testify to a lie y buying him a drink of beer this morning. He detailed the assault as ;he wife had done. He didn't know ïow old he was but he had voted in Ann Arbor town for road commisioner. The defendant was put on the stand and contradicted his wife point blank. 3e had not struck hei. She tore his shirt. He pushed her away. Accidentally he did pull out her hair. He ïadn't tried to induce F. Andrés to swear to a lie but he had bought hirn a cigar and beer. Attorney Cavanaugh askod if Andrés knew which end of ;he cigar to put in his mouth. He said his wife was continually pitching into him. He had threatened to trample upon her if she threw hot water on him. On cross-examination he denounced the tarring and feathering of Torn Cowan at Dixboro five years ago for setting Mnlholland on to beat his rife as an outrage instigated by lies and denied that the neighbors had threatened to visit him at that time. A jury in the case had been waived and Justice Duffy sentenced him to pay a fine of $50 and costs or 90 days in jail.