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A Contribution to LaGrippe Sufferers.

So severe are the symptoms which accompany attacks of the grip, and so dangerous and far reaching are its effects upon the vitality of the system, that it is not safe for the unfortunate sufferer from this dread disease to neglect the proper care and treatment. Neither is it wise to squander valuable time in experimenting with new and untried remedies. Long before La Grippe made its appearance for the first time the
Dr. Miles' Restorative Remedies
were known and recognized by the people as valuable medicines. They were designed to meet and overcome just such conditions and just such troubles as accompany and follow attacks of grip. So when the pestilence first swept over the land nine years ago, carrying sickness and death to so many sufferers, there were thousands upon thousands who were rescued from grip's terrible grasp and restored to health and happiness through the virtue of Dr. Miles' Remedies. As year after year has passed by other thousands who have been suffering from the terrible after effects of the grip have found in these remedies their only source of relief and restoration to health.

• The grip germs always attack the nerves and weaken the whole system by exhausting the vitality from the nerve centers, and the one great remedy which seldom fails to overcome this action is Dr. Miles' Nervine. It soothes and quiets the irritated nerves; it builds up the vitality and replenishes the wasting nerve force as fast as disease tears it down. It puts new life into every muscle, organ and tissue, and so strengthens the system that it can throw off the deadly grip germs and resist further attacks of the disease.

The congestion of the small blood vessels and capillaries which naturally follow the loss of nerve force in the smaller nerve centers, resulting in aches and pains throughout the body, in fullness of the head, in irritation of the mucous membranes and frequently in fever, is best overcome by the use of the Dr. Miles' Anti-Pain Pills. These pills stop the irritation and the aches and remove the fever without depressing the heart's action, deranging the stomach or otherwise interfering with the healthy action of the body.

It is very important in all cases of La Grippe that the bowels should be quickly cleared and kept naturally open, that the waste products of disease may be quickly got rid of; and for this purpose there is no remedy equal to Dr. Miles' Nerve and Liver Pills. These wonderful little pills owe their markable healing and restorative properties to the f act that they act directly upon the thousands of little nerves located in the abdominal region, thus enabling them to perform their duties regularly and naturally. They do not pain nor gripe.

The three remedies then, which go to make up the best grip treatment in the world are Dr. Miles' Restorative Nervine, Dr. Miles' Anti-Pain Pills and Dr. Miles' Nerve and Liver Pills. In order that every sufferer from this dread disease or its terrible after effects may have an opportunity of testing for themselves the virtues of this great treatment, a sample of each of these remedies will be sent upon request to any address, absolutely free of cost. Remember that none of the Dr. Miles' Remedies contain opium, morphine, chloral, cocaine or other dangerous drugs, which only stupify the senses without removing the cause of the trouble.

To Obtain Treatment Free,

All that is necessary to obtain this free trial treatment and test for yourself is to send your name and address on a postal card, mentioning that you saw this offer in this paper, requesting the samples, and they will be mailed to you at once. Address

DR. MILES MEDICAL CO., Elkhart, Ind.